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Top 10 Blog Posts of 2018

With 2019 off to a racing start, we know that you may not have the time to go back through last years posts to top up your flooring knowledge. Have no fear – we have rounded up the top 10 posts from last year in bite-size chunks, so that you can find the relevant information for you in seconds. Take a look.

No. 10 Moisture Remediation in Concrete Floors

Concrete proved to be one of the most popular flooring options within facilities last year thanks to its extremely durable and long lasting application when installed correctly.

Testing the concrete slab for moisture content and vapour emissions is an important process of correct installation, as moisture can cause adhesive failures and lead to mould and mildew growth! So how can you ensure that your concrete is ready? Find out here.

At 10 it’s Moisture Remediation in Concrete Floors

No. 9 Polished Concrete vs. Commercial Resin

Industrial aesthetics continued to be extremely popular in commercial spaces last year, but which flooring solutions can provide such a visual?

Epoxy resin systems and polished concrete each have their own list of benefits, but finding the right flooring solution for you is the big challenge. Luckily, this posts compares, contrasts and even gives you a ‘best of both worlds’ solution. Take a look.

Number 9 is Polished Concrete vs. Commercial Resin

No. 8 Flooring Installation: Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners (Part 1)

Saving money on flooring installations isn’t about choosing the cheapest contractor or products; it’s about engineering value at every stage of the process.

Guest blogger Mitchell Bryant talks us through how to get the highest value at the lowest cost. Have a read.

In 8th place it’s Flooring Installation: Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners (Part 1)

No. 7 When Quiet Matters: A Guide to Acoustic Flooring

When noise is made within your building, it will be absorbed, reflected or transmitted by your wall, ceiling and flooring. How can you reduce noise disturbance and enhance sound quality in your space?

Guest blogger Aaron Hartung looks into how acoustic flooring can prevent the transmission on impact sound and airborne sound here.

At 7 it’s When Quiet Matters: A Guide to Acoustic Flooring

No. 6 How to Choose the Best Industrial Flooring Solution

Industrial environments have very specific necessities for flooring systems, whether they are manufacturing plants, automotive areas or food processing factories.

This post looks at the ideal flooring solutions for such environments, taking safety, aesthetics and installation time into account at every stage.

In at 6 is How to Choose the Best Industrial Flooring Solution

No. 5 PU Cement vs. Tiles

Thanks to their long lifespan, many factories and plants will have utilised ceramic tile floors within the most challenging parts of their sites. However nowadays, plant designers may be torn between installing a tiled floor or a (polyurethane) PU cement flooring system.

This post looks back at how these two materials stack up against each other, to help identify which one will be the best fit for you.

Number 5 is PU Cement vs. Tiles

No. 4 The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on ISO 22196

With antibacterial protection being such a serious public health issue, it is important to ensure that building materials, including flooring selected for use in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, healthcare or medical research facilities maintain a hygiene barrier.

If you are not familiar with ISO 22196, this is a popular test method used to quantify the antimicrobial efficacy of an antibacterial treatment. Find out everything you need to know about this test here.

Into the top 4 it’s The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on ISO 22196

No. 3 MMA Flooring – Questions and Answers

This blog post tackles some common questions surrounding MMA resin flooring systems and provides insights into the benefits that this product has to offer, as well as limitations and installation information.

The 3rd most popular post is MMA Flooring – Questions and Answers

No. 2 Nine Problems with Bare Concrete Floors

Whilst bare concrete floors come with a modest and sometimes non-existent price tag, they can easily lead to a whole host of costly issues. Find out why installing a coating can help to prevent expensive repairs here.

Second place goes to 9 Problems with Bare Concrete Floors

No. 1 Concrete vs. Floor Screeds: What is the Difference?

With both materials being made from the same basic ingredients of cement, aggregates and water, what are the differences between concrete and floor screeds? Find out in the most popular post of 2018!

And the winner is…Concrete vs. Floor Screeds: What is the Difference?

From the entire team at All Things Flooring, we’d like to thank all of our readers for joining us in 2018! We hope that you continue to find our content valuable, and make sure to keep up to date with our latest content by joining us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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