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Brand New Flour Mill

  • Bakhresa Transforms Aging Durban Plant into Brand New Flour Mill!
  • Bakhresa Transforms Aging Durban Plant into Brand New Flour Mill!2
  • Bakhresa Transforms Aging Durban Plant into Brand New Flour Mill!3
  • Bakhresa Transforms Aging Durban Plant into Brand New Flour Mill!4

Bakhresa Transforms Aging Durban Plant into Brand New Flour Mill!

The USD800 million food producer Bakhresa Group recently refurbished an old facility in Durban into a state-of-the-art flour mill. To achieve this, the floors all needed to be completely recoated in order to bring them up to the necessary standard.

Bakhresa knew that the new finishes would need to maintain a hygienic surface despite the challenging onsite working conditions.

To ensure the floor was up to the task, a combination of high performance resin solutions from Flowcrete South Africa was chosen for the project.

The resilient, self-smoothing epoxy Flowshield SL was applied within the mill’s important and contamination-sensitive production area to create a surface able to withstand high levels of mechanical and chemical stress, maintaining a seamless, easy to clean finish for the long term.

The non-critical areas of the site, such as the warehouse, packaging and logistics spaces, were coated with the thinner epoxy resin finish Flowshield SL 1000, as it would not have to endure such rigorous conditions.

In total, 11,000m2 of resin materials were required to bring the facility’s floors up to the necessary standard. Flowcrete South Africa supplied all the systems in a custom Sand Yellow colour in order to meet the client’s aesthetic requirements.

Bakhresa chose Flowcrete for the project thanks to the resin specialists extensive experience supplying floors for the food industry, combined with its versatile collection of high performance systems and the fact that it could guarantee that all the required materials could be supplied and installed in time to meet the project’s deadline.

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Verity Hunter

Verity Hunter is the Marketing Manager at Flowcrete South Africa - a leading manufacturer of seamless resin floor solutions. In this role Verity leads the African regional marketing efforts to engage with construction professionals and to provide them with insights and information on resin flooring.

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