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Flowcrete Joins the Emirates Green Building Council

  • Flowcrete Joins the Emirates Green Building Council
  • Flowcrete Joins the Emirates Green Building Council2
  • Flowcrete Joins the Emirates Green Building Council3
  • Flowcrete Joins the Emirates Green Building Council4

Flowcrete Joins the Emirates Green Building Council

Flowcrete Middle East has recently become a proud member of the prestigious Emirates Green Building Council (EGBC) owing to its commitment to the sustainable production of flooring materials that provide large-scale developments with long-term environmental benefits.

The incredible innovativeness of the EGBC has led to significant improvement in sustainable building principles in the United Arab Emirates since 2006 and Flowcrete Middle East is acutely aware that, as a significant part of any development, the floor plays a key role in a building’s sustainability credentials.

With that in mind the resin-flooring manufacturer has analysed its systems through a green lens in order to ensure that the production, transportation and life cycle of its floors are as ecological as possible.

This green drive has even included Flowcrete Middle East reducing or in some cases completely removing toxic substances such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and solvents from its systems. Commonly, construction materials produce large quantities of VOCs, which can be harmful to both the occupants of a building and to the environment.

The beautifully decorative, seamless, epoxy terrazzo Mondéco range utilises recycled material as aggregates. These are dispersed within the resin system to create luxurious, glittering surfaces, which simultaneously reduces the amount of waste sent to environmentally damaging landfills.

Normally, once resin floors have been produced they can still generate an excessive carbon footprint through transportation. But Flowcrete Middle East’s systems are locally manufactured in Dubai meaning that they qualify as green rated for any development within a 500-mile radius.

Commercial or industrial developments requiring high performance floors that will actively help the building to achieve green accreditations can find out more about Flowcrete Middle East’s wide variety of sustainable flooring solutions by contacting the resin flooring specialist’s expert team on +971 886 4728 or by emailing

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Will Facer

Will Facer is the Marketing Manager at Flowcrete Asia - a leading manufacturer of seamless resin floor solutions. In this role Will leads the Asia Pacific regional marketing efforts to engage with construction professionals and to provide them with insights and information on resin flooring.

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