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IPPE Seminar Explores the Role of the Floor in Slaughterhouses and Poultry Farms

  • IPPE Seminar Explores the Role of the Floor in Slaughterhouses and Poultry Farms
  • IPPE Seminar Explores the Role of the Floor in Slaughterhouses and Poultry Farms2

IPPE Seminar Explores the Role of the Floor in Slaughterhouses and Poultry Farms

Facilities that have been purpose-built for red meat and poultry processing operations – including slaughtering, cutting and further handling – represent some of the most arduous in the food and beverage market.

Here, floors can be constantly immersed in water slurries of animal waste, blood, fat, grease and other punishing by-products. In order to safety and efficiently hose these slurries to drainage and prevent pools of water from becoming cesspits of dirt, sludge and harmful microbes, processing rooms and kill floors are subject to frequent bursts of extremely hot water forming part of the wash-down process.

USDA regulations governing the design and construction of meat processing facilities suggest the use of heavy-load bearing and waterproof floor coverings that can be thoroughly de-greased, cleaned and sanitised as well as those which exhibit sufficient anti-slip properties and resistance to a wide range of chemical by-products.

On top of this, floors designed to withstand thermal cycling and heavy foot and rubber-wheeled traffic as well as prevent the growth of bacteria – such as seamless systems or those treated with a protective antimicrobial agent – are recommended to provide a long-term solution that will prevent the concrete slab from spalling, weakening or failing.

Cementitious urethane systems have long-proven a popular choice in this sector, offering meat processing clients the right balance between cleanability and traction underfoot as well as durability, resistance and hygiene.

As part of the annual International Production and Processing Expo (IPPE) – set to take place this month in Atlanta, GA – Flowcrete Americas will be hosting an educational seminar addressing the importance of protective floor coatings within the safe design and construction of meat processing facilities, slaughterhouses and poultry farms.

Join Flowcrete Americas’ Northeast Sales Manager, Brian Campbell, as he explores this subject in greater detail at 3pm on the 28th January on Booth B8523 at the IPPE, Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta.

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Rebekah Jones is the Marketing Communications Director at Flowcrete Group Ltd. In this role Rebekah sets out the global communications strategy for a Group that encompasses several of the world's leading construction chemical brands.

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