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Making Iconic Landmarks Last

  • Making Iconic Landmarks Last
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Making Iconic Landmarks Last

Few iconic landmarks are designed specifically for short-term use, which is why it is so important that longevity as well as looks is a priority when specifying building materials for today’s large-scale developments.

Flowcrete Middle East is fully aware of this issue, as a number of significant developments are currently being planned in the region, including for the Dubai Expo 2020, the ‘Mall of the World’ and Qatar’s FIFA 2022 World Cup.

And the construction materials chosen for these sites will have a long list of challenges and criteria to live up to, as not only will they have to deal with very large numbers of people as well as punishing levels of heat and UV exposure – but they will need to do so during global events where the whole world will be watching!

Looking to the Past for Future Proof Floors.

Identifying systems that have already proven themselves in similar scenarios is a great way to understand what solutions are available to the market that will ensure a development is built with reliability, looks and longevity at its core.

For example the Deira City Centre has not had to refurbish its car park facility’s floor for over 15 years! This is despite being one of Dubai’s busiest retail centres and having to cope with 20 million visitors every year.

This durability stems from the fact that the Deckshield ID car park deck coating system that was applied is exceptionally robust. Its full polyurethane formulation makes it incredibly hard wearing in comparison to hybrid systems that combine a polyurethane topcoat with an epoxy primer. This epoxy primer in hybrid systems is very rigid and brittle, therefore making it more prone to failure than the polyurethane primer of Deckshield ID, meaning that Deckshield is better able to withstand deflection within the slabs or decks of car parks caused by intense multiflow traffic.

The benefits of the Deckshield ID system’s long service life also means that significant life cycle savings have been achieved, as the Deira City Centre has not had to spend any time, money or effort refurbishing or repairing its car park floor.

Since this project Deckshield has been installed in some of the Middle East’s most high-profile developments, including the biggest car park in the MENA region at the Dubai Mall, which used over 500,000m2 of Deckshield materials.

The range of high-quality resin floors and expertise that Flowcrete Middle East can bring to a project means that it can advise any development on how to achieve a floor that looks the part, does the job and lasts long into the future, regardless of scale, scope, challenges or conditions.

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Will Facer

Will Facer is the Marketing Manager at Flowcrete Asia - a leading manufacturer of seamless resin floor solutions. In this role Will leads the Asia Pacific regional marketing efforts to engage with construction professionals and to provide them with insights and information on resin flooring.

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