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Style with Substance


Style vs Substance

When it comes to commercial design, there are some cases where you can argue that style has been favoured over substance.

But often, if you take a closer look, you realise that sometimes style and substance work in perfect harmony, especially when it comes to flooring. Let’s take a look at some examples.

Alain Ducasse, Macau

Located in the Morpheus hotel, the highly anticipated Alain Ducasse restaurant offers French haute cuisine to its diners.

Bright and bold flooring used in haute cuisine restaurant

As well as fancy fare, the design of the restaurant is certain to be a big talking point. Diners will be greeted by bright orange resin flooring, juxtaposed with plush grey carpeting and dark wood around the bar area.

Three different flooring solutions were chosen for the space

There is certainly no denying that style was key during the design. We can’t help but feel that the juxtaposition of the bold resin with the soft grey carpeting is a reflection of the Instagram-worthy presentation of the haute cuisine, alongside its delicate flavour.

Plush carpet and seamless resin sit side by side

But substance was surely a deciding factor too; take the resin for example. As well as being extremely hard-wearing, making it ideal to withstand footfall, wheeled drink trolleys and the movement of chairs and tables, the resin is also seamless, making it extremely easy to clean.

Seamless flooring is quick and easy to clean

The absence of cracks and joints leaves no hiding places for food and dirt, reducing the risk of bacterial growth and keeping the flooring looking its best!

Corporate Office, Poland

Whilst the carpet used in Alain Ducasse restaurant was likely chosen to provide a soft, luxurious setting for the diners, there are plenty of other reasons for carpet to be used in commercial spaces.

Carpet is often used in offices for its noise cancelling abilities

Take an office setting for example. Carpet is often used for its noise cancelling abilities, especially in corridors or around meeting rooms where there needs to be little disturbances.

Seamless flooring is ideal for reception areas that experience high levels of footfall

In reception areas however, seamless resin flooring is often required as it is quick and easy to clean, meaning that any mess can be cleared away, maintaining a great first impression to visitors.

We love how the pattern in the resin floor blends into the carpet here!

Spanish City, North Tyneside

There are occasions when there is an almost indistinguishable line between style and substance of course.

A great example can be seen in the recently reopened Spanish City.

Terrazzo flooring used in concentric circles

Having first opened in 1910, ‘The Dome’ was host to several leisure activities, including a theatre and dance hall. Now, the space hosts Spanish City’s restaurant.

Balconies sit above the terrazzo

To pay homage to twentieth century glamour, a decorative terrazzo flooring solution, in two complementary colours has been used in concentric circles around the outer rim of the restaurant, with dark wood used in the central circle.

‘The Dome’ is directly above the wooden flooring

The contrast in the flooring here may be deliberate, in order to mirror the changes in the ceiling. Directly above the dark wooden centre of the room is the iconic and majestic dome, whereas the concentric circles could represent the decorative balconies above, and the rooms beyond the overlook.

Mercedes Showroom, Malaysia

Such contrasts can generate segmented areas, without the need for unnecessary barriers or divides. A further example can be seen in this car showroom in Malaysia.

The ‘customer area’ has a wooden floor, in contrast to the rest of the showroom

From utilising three different flooring solutions, we can see a clear ‘customer area’ on the wooden flooring, whereas the light grey system outlines a distinct pathway between the darker stone carpet system, which supports the luxury cars.

The stone carpet system acts as a podium for the cars

The use of a shimmering black gloss stone carpet system definitely makes the cars stand out, as though they are on their own podiums! It’s a very clever example of merging style with substance, and it works to perfection here.

We love how the flooring is reminiscent of tarmac

The use of dark greys and blacks here is also reminiscent of tarmac, giving the impression of the cars being outdoors. This possibly helps to subliminally influence potential customers through the visualisation of the cars being on the road. 

We hope that we’ve been able to show you that style doesn’t have to be sacrificed in favour of substance, and vice versa! You can have both and flooring experts are always on hand to help you find the ideal solution. If you’d like advice for your space, please give us a call, or leave a comment below.

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