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Those who’ve read our post on School Flooring Lessons will know that for a place of education’s floor to pass the tests of functionality, aesthetics, reliability and value-for-money, there are lots of considerations to make.

One such location that has excelled in all areas is the University of the West of Scotland (UWS). The new £110 million campus was designed to be at the cutting edge of sustainability while creating a vibrant and contemporary venue for learning research and innovation. Let’s take a look.

The University of the West of Scotland used resin flooring in their new campus

1. Functionality

A floor can look as pretty as you like, but if it can’t meet the demand of its daily use then it is likely to fail.

Thanks to its hardwearing finish, a decorative methyl methacrylate system was applied at the university in two complementary shades of grey to cover the majority of the public-facing areas, particularly in the large atrium.

Two complementary shades of grey were used to cover the majority of public-facing areas

With high footfall expected, and the chance of dirt or mud being walked in on the bottom of visitors’ shoes, the seamless nature of the system was very important. Walked in dirt and bacteria can quickly and easily be cleaned up thanks to the absence of joints or gaps for it to hide in.

2. Aesthetics

A floor that is quick to clean remains looking its best for longer! Aside from cleaning, there are several other ways that UWS made the flooring attractive.

Colourful polyurethane solutions were used to break up the large space

Whilst most commonly found in food and beverage facilities, a robust polyurethane system was specified by UWS thanks to its colour, texture and performance characteristics.

This system was utilised to add splashes of colour including blue, orange and green. This resulted in wide sections of flooring in complementary shades that perfectly suited the location, reflected the campus’ interior design scheme and helped to ‘break up’ the vast space.

Dark blue complements the shades of grey

The seamless, durable nature of these resin solutions means that they can be easily maintained and won’t deteriorate in the face of heavy foot traffic, impacts, frequent cleaning, spillages, scuffs, scrapes and wear.

3. Reliability

With the knowledge that the colourful flooring system is most commonly used in intensive food and beverage facilities, the university could rest assured that the daily challenges present on its campus would be easily withstood.

UV resistance ensured that colours would not fade over time

To further enhance the reliability of the flooring systems, 350 m2 of a UV resistant sealant was used in certain parts of the site to make sure that the sunlight streaming in through the foyer’s floor-ceiling windows wouldn’t cause colour fading.

This UV resistant sealant also incorporates anti-slip additives to increase the site’s safety levels.

4. Value for money

Value for money is a funny term. Most people instantly think of getting more for less, but there is a big difference between getting value for money, and getting the cheapest option.

Great flooring solutions may cost more, but they will last

When it comes to flooring, cutting corners to spend less often leads to the wrong solutions for your space, which can quickly end in floor failure! Choosing long-lasting options may cost you more initially, but this does save you money in the long-term, when your flooring stands the test of time.

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Stephanie Samuel is the Digital Brand Ambassador at the global resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Group Ltd. Steph's role includes social media marketing, online brand advocacy and managing the blog.

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