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Benefits of MMA Flooring


Benefits of MMA Flooring

The prospect of a facility shutdown or a tight opening deadline can often be a daunting one. Methyl methacrylate (MMA) flooring can achieve results that are not possible with other resin systems and are widely used in airports, kitchens, leisure facilities, fast food outlets, stores, and supermarkets.

Additionally, they are also perfect for outdoor applications such as car parks, walkways, and traffic markings as they have high UV stability. Their main benefits are that they rapidly cure, have incredible bond strength, have high compressive strength, and can be installed in a wide range of temperatures.

MMA can be installed indoors or outdoors thanks to high UV stability

MMAs are two-component systems in which the MMA resin is mixed with a solid powder initiator. After mixing, curing of MMAs is inhibited by oxygen in the air. Manufacturers overcome this problem by including paraffin wax in the resin. During cure, the wax rises to the surface forming a protective barrier.

A protective wax barrier rises to the surface during cure

MMA flooring can be installed on a host of substrates including concrete, steel, tiles, and other resin materials. It is also an ideal product for unheated construction sites or cold storage rooms as it can be installed at -20 degrees Fahrenheit. MMA flooring is non-toxic and extremely low in VOC however it does exhibit a distinct odor in its wet state, which although harmless is difficult to ignore. During installation this odor can be eliminated with proper ventilation and once the material cures the odor will rapidly disappear.

MMA can be installed on a host of substrates

Typically, MMA flooring reaches full physical and chemical cure within 60 minutes of installation, meaning that the surface can be subject to full operational use under an extremely tight turnaround. This minimizes downtime or operational loss for a facility, which can often be a costly exercise.

Furthermore, unlike labor intensive trowel applied resin systems, MMA flooring can be flow applied allowing large areas to be installed at a significantly faster rate whilst at the same time ensuring a quality finish free of trowel marks.

MMA flooring is 100% non-porous and monolithic creating an impervious, pinhole free surface offering a high level of protection against chemical attack and an inherently hygienic surface.

Seamless, non-porous flooring is easier to clean with bacteria having no joints to hide in

Such floors can last in excess of 15 years if properly maintained. This long-life span is a result of MMA’s ability to penetrate and chemically bond to the substrate. Maintaining an MMA floor is simple as they can easily be cleaned with a damp mop and do not require labor intensive and costly steam cleaning. They also do not harbor dirt or bacteria as the surface is impermeable to liquids and does not have pinholes. Furthermore, at the end of the MMA floor’s life, an additional layer can be applied on top to refurbish quickly and easily. The additional layer chemically fuses to the existing floor creating a monolithic system that will not delaminate.

To see an outstanding MMA installation for an army barrack check out the case study here.

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