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Commercial Flooring Care Guide


Commercial Flooring Christmas Care Guide

There are several ways to create a welcoming space, with the first and most obvious being the visual representation of the storefront.

With so many stores to choose from and the temptation of online shopping hanging over the high street, creating a great first impression for customers is extremely important. Not only will this bring people into the store, but having a fashionable floor can even give a retail outlet a competitive edge, and encourage customers to purchase from one outlet over another.

Creating a welcoming aesthetic incorporates everything from the window display to the lighting

Creating a welcoming aesthetic incorporates everything from the window displays to the lighting, and more and more we are seeing the floor being utilised to reflect the interior design of the store as well.

But with December nearly upon us, the high streets are heaving with Christmas shoppers scrambling to find the right gifts ahead of Christmas day, and the cleaning and maintenance of stores can sometimes slip.

Browse our top tips for caring for your flooring during the busy festive periods, and throughout the bustling January sales!

Wrapping Up Retail Refurbishment

With very limited down time between opening hours, stores that require entire flooring repairs or refurbishment can benefit from quick-curing systems that can be applied, sealed and ready for use the very next day.

Rapid curing resin flooring is often suited for internal and external use, and has a quick cure time even at low temperatures. As well as being aesthetically attractive, resin systems such as Mondéco Rapide are also abrasion resistant, meaning that high footfall, the weight of product displays, wheeled traffic from trolleys and the scuffs and scrapes inherent to busy public spaces can be tolerated easily.

Fast curing Mondéco Rapide can be used for installations that require a quick turnaround

Rocking Around the Christmas Clean

If refurbishment is not possible or necessary, then regularly cleaning your retail environment can leave the flooring looking brand new and ready to welcome Christmas shoppers and bargain hunters alike.

Cleaning is made much easier with seamless flooring such as epoxy resin coatings, as dirt and germs have no joints to hide in. Flooring that is quick and easy to clean like these systems makes cleaning much less labour intensive and reduces the likelihood of prolonged, expensive and disruptive cleaning regimes or repairs being needed.

Regular cleaning regimes can help to keep the floor looking its best for longer

As with any flooring, ensuring that the floor is chemical resistant is very important to ensure that strong chemical cleaners do not affect the floor’s finish. Slip resistance is also key in order to keep customers and staff safe and to avoid accidents and even litigation if surfaces are slippery. This would not only be a risk after cleaning, but also due to wet weather conditions being walked in on customers’ shoes, or spillages from food or drink produce on walkways.

Flooring with Bells on

Epoxy floors are extremely versatile when it comes to design. From different colours to decorative effects, such as the incorporation of aggregates in the form of marble, glass or stone chippings, the possibilities are endless.

Thanks to these boundless design options, the flooring can be used as a continuation of brand identity through the use of brand colours creating an over-arching interior design scheme, which can be carried through every store, or even the inclusion of a brand logo within the flooring.

Coloured demarcation can also be used to help shoppers navigate through a store, by accentuating pathways that direct people around each and every display. These pathways can be highlighted through the use of different coloured resin, or through simple linemarkings.

Colour or demarcation can be used to create walkways

All the Trimmings

With a quick and easy cleaning regime locked down, you can focus on preparing your store for the festive period! If you would like any further information on the ideal flooring solutions for your commercial venue, please feel free to leave a comment below, and our flooring specialists will get back to you.

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