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Reflecting Brands Using Terrazzo


Terrazzo Paves the Way for Intricate and Professional Branding

Due to its exceptional flexibility in terms of design, terrazzo allows the option for commercial buildings to strengthen their brand identity in a creative way. More and more, brands are utilising the vast space that flooring offers to include their logo or other aesthetics in order to generate a professional and luxurious appearance.

This material lends itself to logos, graphics or patterns well, due to the wide selection of aggregates and epoxy resins available. Such a variety of finishes means that brands can create a completely bespoke look that reflects not only the brand, but the location or target clientele.

Times Square Centre, Dubai

The inclusion of a company logo in a floor takes slightly more consideration. For the logo to have the optimum effect, for example, it should be in an open space and clearly visible to visitors. Simple logos are often more appealing and recognisable at first glance, compared to more intricate designs, but both are easily achievable with terrazzo.

Zielone Arkady references the colour and visual of their logo in its terrazzo floor.

Waterjet Technology

Ancient terrazzo flooring designs were started out hand-formed and as a result show minute differences in regularity. Recently, new innovations in the form of Waterjet technology has allowed terrazzo flooring to be more complex without losing uniformity and consistency.

Waterjet techniques have increased the decorative potential and artistry of terrazzo. This is a computerised cold-cutting technology that can cut or shape most building materials, including metal, into any desired two-dimensional shape of any size and thickness. Because it is computerised, waterjet technology can create practically any shape or form, into which the terrazzo can be poured. This can be replicated as many times as needed without sacrificing symmetry and uniformity.

Installation of terrazzo using metal bands to separate colours and create intricate patterns.

This merging of technology and terrazzo is best seen in larger commercial spaces like hotels, food courts, holiday resorts and the like.

Intricately highlighting a well known icon in Disneyland, Hong Kong

With terrazzo being heavily customizable and waterjet cutting technology’s ability to cut more intricate and complex designs, there really is no limit to what can be created.

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Sheeba Sakthivel

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