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Constantia Uitsig Wine Estate


Merging the Modern with Historical Havens in Cape Town

It is not just new developments that are looking to have the latest technologies in flooring. More and more often, state-of-the-art expertise are being called on for refurbishment projects that need hard-wearing and long lasting flooring solutions that fit with the long-established aesthetic of the property. This was exactly the case for the historic Constantia Uitsig Wine Estate in Cape Town, South Africa.

The estate welcomes visitors from all over the world to enjoy restaurants, activities and of course wine tasting in the property that has produced wine for over three centuries. With the daily demand of meeting the needs of numerous visitors, all looking to soak up some history and sample the local delights it was imperative that the interior of the estate complemented this heritage and added to the overall experience.

The floor is an area that cannot avoid wear and tear as it is used constantly and naturally needs renovation over time. Aside from keeping with the aesthetic, the Estate’s new flooring material had to withstand a number of challenges that varied across the site.

As with several other wineries the floor at this site would have to withstand impacts from heavy machinery, general wear and tear from wheeled equipment, corrosive production-by-products, not to mention spillages from the wine itself and thermal shock caused in the production of wine. Where as the flooring challenges in the Estate’s artisanal cottages and restaurants would be the heavy foot traffic, frequent cleaning as well as food and drink falling on the floor.

Modern flooring system in the historic Constantia Uitsig Wine Estate’s restaurant in Cape Town.

To reflect the venue’s image, a bespoke Terracotta matt polyurethane screed that was colour-matched from a brick taken from the site was used in the winery’s back-room areas.

Bespoke Terracotta coloured flooring.

A cream antibacterial polyurethane resin floor system was chosen in the main processing area, thanks to its robust nature and slip resistant, seamless properties.

Clean cream flooring was installed throughout the artisanal cottages.

Finally, a mixture of Signal Grey and Cream products are used to reflect a clean, pleasant and on-brand space for visitors in a row of cottages that housed small food producers.

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Stephanie Samuel

Stephanie Samuel is the Digital Brand Ambassador at the global resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Group Ltd. Steph's role includes social media marketing, online brand advocacy and managing the blog.

2 thoughts on “Merging the Modern with Historical Havens in Cape Town”

  1. Chris says:

    I especially love the fact that you guys mention antibacterial polyurethane resin. It truly is an amazing, useful innovation that not nearly enough people – or organizations – are taking advantage of.

    1. Rebekah Jones says:

      Thank you Chris for your kind comments.
      We are pleased that you enjoyed the article and agree that antimicrobial PU concrete is a great flooring system, which can offer a range of benefits to many different clients and sectors!
      Best wishes,

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