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Growing US Brewery Industry

  • Willie’s Brewhouse Floor Maintenance & Safety Tips- Advantages of Cementitious Urethane Over Epoxy In Brewery Production Areas
  • Global Success for Small and Independent Breweries in America3
  • Global Success for Small and Independent Breweries in America4

Global Success for Small and Independent Breweries in America

The USA’s craft beer sector is experiencing an incredible period of growth, as international consumers require more, high-quality, full-flavoured beers.

For the past decade, craft brewers have taken a lead in all major markets, representing 99% of the breweries in operation in the U.S. With a strong presence across Americas’ 50 states, American craft beer is an economical force at local, state and national level. Additionally, in 2015 alone, craft brewers produced 24.5 million barrels and saw a 13% rise in volume, hitting an estimated $22.3 billion in retail dollar value.

Global Success for Small and Independent Breweries in America

As independent brewers continue to make their mark in our economy, growth is expected to reach new heights as more importers and distributors set in place appropriate storage and handling infrastructure, including refrigerated shipping and storage.

Due to these demands, it’s particularly important for the sector to use building materials that meet the necessary functional, aesthetic, hygienic, budgetary and longevity criteria for a range of breweries; to create high quality produce in a safe and clean environment.

The US food industry is therefore taking Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point guidelines (HACCP) very seriously to safeguard the sanitary integrity of its produce. To learn more about the benefits of choosing flooring materials that come with HACCP International certification, look out for Flowcrete Americas’ expert team at this year’s CBC conference, in Washington D.C., from April 10th-13th.

Attendees can learn about Flowcrete’s cementations urethane line at the show, which is designed to create robust, multi-functional finishes able to survive in back end-brewing areas.

The Craft Beer Conference (CBC) will bring international beer enthusiasts together from all over the world in a collaborative and educational environment, enabling brewers to share ideas and discuss topics such as brewery operations, safety and quality to name but a few.

If you’d like more information about the CBC conference and the US craft beer industry, click here

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