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Carpeting Outdoor Areas with Seamless Stone Surfaces

  • Carpeting Outdoor Areas with Seamless Stone Surfaces
  • Carpeting Outdoor Areas with Seamless Stone Surfaces2
  • Carpeting Outdoor Areas with Seamless Stone Surfaces3
  • Carpeting Outdoor Areas with Seamless Stone Surfaces4
  • Carpeting Outdoor Areas with Seamless Stone Surfaces5
  • Carpeting Outdoor Areas with Seamless Stone Surfaces6

Carpeting Outdoor Areas with Seamless Stone Surfaces

Flowcrete’s range of stone carpet solutions have been designed to provide floors ideally suited to paving high-traffic urban areas.

The range includes the resin bonded gravel system Naturewalk, the resin bound Naturewalk Pave and the Rustik collection, which is made by encapsulating natural stone particles in clear resin.

All of these systems provide slip resistant surfaces without joints that can even incorporate drainage. These stone carpet solutions allow designers to choose from a variety of aggregates and natural stone options as well as glossy, satin and matt finishes to suit the location’s aesthetic requirements.

The solvent-free polyurethane resin binder used to create these floors makes them exceptionally durable and long lasting.

The ‘Hive’ UK Pavilion

A Flowcrete stone carpet was utilised for the award winning UK pavilion at the Milan Expo 2015. Called the Hive, this was a complex and creative project by designers Stage One.

The Flowcrete floor finish was chosen for the stunning development thanks to its ability to convey the design idea and because it would maintain a surface that reflected the natural beauty and originality of the pavilion’s environment across both the indoor and outdoor areas.

The Advantages of a Stone Carpet

The Hive projected exemplified the suitability of a resin bound or bonded stone carpet for outdoor environments subject to intense pedestrian and vehicular traffic, such as exhibition areas, sports complexes, amusement parks, spas, external paths, car parks or other busy public places that need to constantly present a pleasing appearance.

There are many other compelling reasons to install a stone carpet from Flowcrete, including:

  • The floors in this range provide excellent slip resistant underfoot to reduce painful trips and falls.
  • A stone carpet can withstand heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic.
  • There are a range of decorative natural stone aggregates available, with a variety of different colours to choose from.
  • A stone carpet will maintain its colour and appearance despite prolonged and intensive use.
  • It offers a durable and easy-to-clean alternative to rubble and gravel.
  • The synthetic, joint-free finish eliminates the cracks and gaps of paving or gravel in which dirt and weeds can accumulate.
  • A stone carpet is easy to clean and maintain.
  • The high aesthetic finish offers the possibility to customise with bespoke decorations.
  • Installing a stone carpet system from Flowcrete can help developments attain green building accreditations such as LEED certification.

This post has been based on an original article by Stefano Perris, Flowcrete UK’s Italian Country Manager, which was published on the Pavimenti web publisher. To read the original Italian article please click here.

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