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Resin Floors Refurbish Meadowdale Mall’s Stores

  • Resin Floors Refurbish Meadowdale Mall’s Stores
  • Resin Floors Refurbish Meadowdale Mall’s Stores2
  • Resin Floors Refurbish Meadowdale Mall’s Stores3
  • Resin Floors Refurbish Meadowdale Mall’s Stores4

Resin Floors Refurbish Meadowdale Mall’s Stores

Flowcrete South Africa has worked with several food & beverage stores in Gauteng’s Meadowdale Mall to provide flooring refurbishment solutions tailored to the demands of both public facing and back of house areas.

In the shop fronts of both the butchery store Meat World and the supermarket Apple Tree, the seamless resin terrazzo floor finish Mondéco Earth was installed.

This system has been designed to create a durable yet highly decorative surface, with visually appealing colours and glittering aggregates that conveys a pleasant and welcoming environment.

Apple Tree installed 1,250m2 of Mondéco Earth in a cool, contemporary almond colour and Meat World installed 550m2 of the finish in a similar shade. Flint and granite aggregates were added into the resin system to create an eye-catching, glittering effect.

It was important for both stores that the floor constantly conveyed a sanitary and unblemished appearance to attract customers and reassure them of the location’s quality. Mondéco Earth was chosen thanks to its ability to combine attractive aesthetics with an easy to clean finish that would help to keep the floor looking its best.

To avoid bacteria build up in the back of house areas, Meat World and Apple Tree drew on the antimicrobial enhanced Flowfresh range of polyurethane floors. Flowfresh has been designed to actively minimise the risk of contamination incidents by forming an impervious floor area that doesn’t harbour dirt, dust, grime or bacteria.

1,000m2 of Flowfresh RT was applied in Meat World’s back of house areas. This was the ideal solution for the store as, with large quantities of raw meat present, maintaining a contaminant free environment is a top priority. Over 1,000m2 of Flowfresh flooring was applied in Apple Tree’s back of house areas, including 700m2 of Flowfresh RT (6mm) in light blue and 350m2 of a signal green Flowfresh MF (4mm) finish.

It took four weeks to refurbish these floors and during this time Flowcrete South Africa’s approved applicator had to cope with a lack of lighting and water. To solve these problems a generator and a water tanker were brought to the site so that the flooring installation could continue unhindered.

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Verity Hunter

Verity Hunter is the Marketing Manager at Flowcrete South Africa - a leading manufacturer of seamless resin floor solutions. In this role Verity leads the African regional marketing efforts to engage with construction professionals and to provide them with insights and information on resin flooring.

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