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Flowcrete Launches Reformulated Industrial Flooring Range

  • Flowcrete Launches Reformulated Industrial Flooring Range
  • Flowcrete Launches Reformulated Industrial Flooring Range2
  • Flowcrete Launches Reformulated Industrial Flooring Range3
  • Flowcrete Launches Reformulated Industrial Flooring Range4

Flowcrete Launches Reformulated Industrial Flooring Range

Flowcrete South Africa has launched its new universal epoxy range, which has been designed to make flooring installations a more colourful, streamlined and cost effective process.

The resin flooring specialists have reformulated three of its main industrial solutions to create this range. Flowcoat SF41, Flowshield SL 1000 and Flowshield SL have all been adapted to provide enhanced benefits to both end users and applicators.

Flowcrete South Africa showcased these revitalised systems at two separate launch events in its Johannesburg and Durban offices. Teams of contractors familiar with Flowcrete’s high performance industrial flooring solutions were taken through the application process and the many advantages of the new formulations were explained to them.

A key change to the products is that they all share a similar epoxy and hardener, making these core elements interchangeable between the systems. This makes it easier for contractors to cut down on waste and to store excess stock – as instead of extra kits being discarded after a project has been completed, they can be used for any new project in the future that involves any of these three solutions.

The practical benefit of being able to store resin flooring components for the next project will help applicators to streamline their production process, making ordering easier and quicker for clients. This reformulation has also made it easier for contractors to apply the floors, thanks to advances in the flowability of these systems.

During the development process, Flowcrete South Africa analysed its colour range to unify it, selecting the colours that had proven to be the most popular construction industry choices in the past. The colours of these coatings have also undergone an enhancement to make them brighter.

As part of the launch, the packaging for these three epoxy systems was changed, now they will come in bright red tins that really stand out on site.

Flowcoat SF41, Flowshield SL 1000 and Flowshield SL have all become popular industrial flooring solutions thanks to the ability of these systems to create hard-wearing and aesthetically attractive floors that can withstand the impacts, chemicals and intensive use within large-scale industrial facilities for an extended period of time.

To find out more about Flowcrete South Africa’s range of robust industrial flooring products, visit

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Verity Hunter

Verity Hunter is the Marketing Manager at Flowcrete South Africa - a leading manufacturer of seamless resin floor solutions. In this role Verity leads the African regional marketing efforts to engage with construction professionals and to provide them with insights and information on resin flooring.

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