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Mall of the Emirates Evolves with Flowcrete Floors

  • Mall of the Emirates Evolves with Flowcrete Floors
  • Mall of the Emirates Evolves with Flowcrete Floors2
  • Mall of the Emirates Evolves with Flowcrete Floors3
  • Mall of the Emirates Evolves with Flowcrete Floors4
  • Mall of the Emirates Evolves with Flowcrete Floors5

Mall of the Emirates Evolves with Flowcrete Floors

Flowcrete Middle East has begun to supply 40,000 m2 of its Deckshield car park coating solution to the Mall of the Emirates (MOE), located in Dubai, for the latest phase in its AED 1 billion redevelopment.

Famed for providing a luxurious customer experience alongside renowned tourist attractions such as Ski Dubai and the Magic Planet entertainment complex, the shopping centre’s Evolution 2015 series of upgrades will enhance the popular retail destination with new shopping, dining and leisure facilities.

To accommodate the site’s enlarged visitor capacity it was vital for the mall to increase the number of available car parking spaces. To meet this need and provide an additional 1,300 spaces the MOE has added a new fourth level to its parking structure.

As one of the region’s most prestigious retail establishments, the MOE needed to have a car park environment that would create a fantastic first impression on arriving visitors.

The new exposed deck will need to be able to maintain an effective, visually appealing surface despite the challenges that the site’s future use will inflict on the floor. Exposure to the elements, continuous movement of heavy vehicles, spillages of automotive oils and fuel as well as intense sunlight could all lead to the quick deterioration of the finish unless properly protected against.

The full polyurethane formulation of Deckshield makes it incredibly hard wearing in comparison to hybrid systems, which instead combine a polyurethane topcoat with an epoxy primer. The epoxy primer used in hybrid systems means that the final finish is rigid and brittle, making it more prone to failure than the polyurethane primer of Deckshield. This flexibility makes Deckshield better able to withstand the deflection within the slabs or decks of car parks that are caused by intense multiflow traffic.

This robust nature means that the bright, eye catching floor design won’t fade over time. The seamless, easy to clean finish Deckshield creates also helps a site’s cleaning regime to avoid stains and spillages spoiling the floor’s appearance.

We’ll be updating the blog throughout the project, so remember to check back soon to find out how the Mall of the Emirates new car park level is progressing.

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Will Facer

Will Facer is the Marketing Manager at Flowcrete Asia - a leading manufacturer of seamless resin floor solutions. In this role Will leads the Asia Pacific regional marketing efforts to engage with construction professionals and to provide them with insights and information on resin flooring.

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