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Brassneck Brewery Flooring

  • Flowcrete Brews Flooring Brilliance for Brassneck Brewery2
  • Flowcrete Brews Flooring Brilliance for Brassneck Brewery3
  • Flowcrete Brews Flooring Brilliance for Brassneck Brewery4
  • Flowcrete Brews Flooring Brilliance for Brassneck Brewery5

Flowcrete Brews Flooring Brilliance for Brassneck Brewery

Flowcrete has collaborated with Brassneck Brewery in Vancouver, B.C, to create a hardwearing floor for its customer facing production rooms that would help to keep the area both clean and visually appealing.

Developed by Nigel Springthorpe, a local beer connoisseur and owner of the popular Alibi Room restaurant, the Brassneck Brewery includes a neighbourhood brewery, tasting room and growler shop.

It was important for the owner that an inviting and stylish aesthetic was maintained throughout the site. However in the brewery area, which faces onto the street and is visible to passers-by, this image could be tarnished if the floor was not able to withstand impacts and loading from the heavy brewery equipment, temperature changes, regular cleaning and the inevitable spillages of beer.

To ensure that the floor finish would retain an unblemished finish in the face of these challenges, Flowcrete supplied the Brassneck Brewery with its antimicrobial enhanced cementitious polyurethane system Flowfresh SLB. The self-levelling, slurry-broadcast flooring solution was installed at a thickness of 3/16″ and a smaller area had Flowfresh SRQ applied at a heavy-duty thickness of 1/4″.

Combining the Flowfresh with coving and stainless steel drainage provided the brewery with a floor finish that would be quick and easy to clean, simultaneously reducing the risk of contaminant build up and slipping on wet surfaces.

Now the Brassneck Brewery can rest assured that it has a reliable platform under its feet that will support its craft beer production for the long term.

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David McNeece

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