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All Hands on Deck as Flowcrete Bolsters Boston Seafood Processing Project

  • All Hands on Deck as Flowcrete Bolsters Boston Seafood Processing Project
  • All Hands on Deck as Flowcrete Bolsters Boston Seafood Processing Project2
  • All Hands on Deck as Flowcrete Bolsters Boston Seafood Processing Project3
  • All Hands on Deck as Flowcrete Bolsters Boston Seafood Processing Project4

All Hands on Deck as Flowcrete Bolsters Boston Seafood Processing Project

Flowcrete Americas recently provided a flooring facelift for Boston Sword & Tuna’s thriving seafood processing plant.

Since founders Tim Malley and the Scola brothers merged their businesses in 2006, the seafood giants have grown to become one of the largest suppliers of seafood in the U.S.

The company’s plant at 8 Seafood Way, Boston, MA, required a new floor finish that would provide a reliable and hygienic platform in the face of the challenging conditions experienced in such a large-scale seafood processing plant.

The intense activity of the site is exemplified by the fact that BST sold over 13 million pounds of fish last year. When conferring with another local seafood company about flooring that could withstand this level of industry Flowcrete Americas came highly recommended.

Over 10,000 sq. ft. of the antimicrobial flooring system Flowfresh HF was applied in the cutting room, receiving area and packaging area of the warehouse to provide the client with a clean, durable and hygienic work surface.

Michael Scola, BST President said: “We were looking for a floor that was going to last, we wanted the materials to be very strong.

“Sometimes you have the concrete and you get a crack, and then water gets underneath it. With this product, that doesn’t happen.

“I think the material Flowcrete sells is phenomenal, I can’t count how many people have complimented us on these floors since we put them in.”

The old concrete floor had been inevitably exposed to significant quantities of fish, fluids and by-products. Shotblasting was therefore not sufficient preparation for the new floor and Flowcrete’s licensed applicator had to scarify and remove a significant amount of concrete to achieve a clean and solid base.

The installation was conducted over the space of a year when shutdown allowed access to the site. The single trowel down application was expertly executed with no primer or topcoat required. The use of the Flowfresh accelerator also allowed the applicator to achieve full cure despite time constraints.

BST pride themselves on the delivery of high-quality produce to clients. To achieve this it takes great care to ensure that the fish from its own two longline fishing vessels and from the fishermen they buy from have been handled with the utmost care and attention.

This pride in its operations meant that BST wanted to upgrade the aesthetics of its floor as well its functionality in order to leave the right impression on their customer base.

Michael Scola added: “Some areas of the floor were just cement. For us to be proud of what we do and the people that we want to sell, we wanted them to have a better facility, to show the cleanliness of it.

“So we are very happy with it.  And then, of course, the color picked out was perfect for us being in the seafood business – it looks like the ocean!”

Overall, the seafood processing firm’s leader was delighted with the end result and intends to work with Flowcrete Americas again on future projects: “I think that the job Flowcrete did was very good. The color of the floor was just perfect for this industry and my facility.

“The return was worth it and the feedback has been unbelievable.  So we are very happy with it.

“They are going to be doing the lobster chain and another part of our floors soon.”

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Mike Dzialo

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