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System in Profile: Deckshield SF

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System in Profile: Deckshield SF

Deckshield SF is a three-component, solvent-free, polyurethane-based primer and binding agent.

It is primarily used as a binding agent for various products in the Deckshield range of car park deck coating systems, however it can also be applied on top of various substrates as a primer or scratch-coat surface for use in industrial environments.

Deckshield SF is practically odourless during application, is fully trafficable after 24 hours and can be walked on after as little as 16 hours. The fact that it can be used prior to the application of epoxy, polyurethane or fast cure MMA coloured coatings and finishes makes it a highly practical binder option.

The fantastic bond strength and durability of this product makes it an economical and reliable scratch coat solution for industrial facilities, as it is able to withstand the intense working conditions within large-scale plants and factories for an extended period of time.

Aggregates can even be scattered into the material to produce a high quality anti-slip surface that enhances on-site health and safety. The ability to tailor the type and quantity of aggregates allows sites to specify a texture that balances the demands of cleanability with slip resistance.

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