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Introducing: The Green Floorzone

  • Introducing- The Green Floorzone
  • Introducing- The Green Floorzone 2
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Introducing: The Green Floorzone

The Green Floorzone Solution from Flowcrete UK offers a new and sustainable floor finish for environmentally aware construction projects and amazingly it is all covered by one manufacturer’s warranty.

Completely hidden from sight, this unique floor-build up contains a variety of complex layers. Its groundbreaking design combines energy saving under floor heating with noise reducing acoustic insulation layers.

The green solution covers every part of a commercial flooring installation, from substrate right through to final floor finish. Innovations in flooring technology have even seen the development of green floor screeds that are totally free from Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC).

As well as being environmentally pro-active the Green Floorzone Solution is geared up to assist architects and specifiers qualify for green building credits through initiatives such as BREEAM and LEED®.

An environmentally friendly approach has been applied to every stage of the Green Floorzone’s manufacture, installation and lifecycle, meaning that developers can specify a solution with each and every benefit of Flowcrete’s original floorzone whilst minimising the carbon footprint of the project.

Flowcrete’s Green Floorzone is available in various environmentally friendly finishes including a seamless terrazzo with more than 50%, recycled glass and mirror-glass content, stone carpets and even durable sports surfaces developed from recycled rubber tyres.

Considering each element of the product lifecycle, The Green Floorzone could well become the most sustainable flooring solution on the market in the UK construction industry and beyond.

To find out more about your Green Floorzone Solution from Flowcrete UK please email or visit the Green Floorzone homepage!

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