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Get More From Floors: Resistance

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Get More From Floors: Resistance

Resin flooring systems can provide a long lasting, high performance option for even the most exacting situations.  It is the hardest wearing flooring option available to most manufacturing clients and an ideal choice to help companies to get more resistance from their floor.

Floors that have the ability to absorb shock and static electric charges, tackle chemical spillage, endure boiling and sub-zero micro-climates, as well as deliver a platform to fight abrasion are few and far between but resin systems can do all of this and more.

When determining the physical properties of a flooring system resistance should be a key factor in one’s thought process. Resin systems offer fantastic long-term protection ensuring that your floor is looking its glimmering best for many years to come.

Not only that but resinous flooring solutions provide a fierce shield against the damaging effects of chemicals and solvents, as well as climactic and service conditions, meaning performance remains at an optimum level.

In the current market there are specialised resistant coatings developed to withstand chemical attack. These products offer advanced levels of chemical and acid resistance meaning that they will not corrode, wear away or damage as a result of spillage.

Resin flooring materials are also perfect for exposure to extreme temperature variables. Manufacturing environments that are exposed to long bursts of heat – whether infrequently or round-the-clock – can be thoroughly protected by using a resistant resin surface that will not crack under sweltering temperatures.

A number of epoxy and polyurethane industrial resin floor finishes also come with the option to include electro-static dissipative grades, which are often a necessity in the electronic industry or areas that require control of electrostatic charges.

Overall, resinous flooring possesses incredible versatility and is perfect for giving clients a long-lasting flooring system with consistently tremendous levels of performance. Its hard wearing qualities, whether in a full system or as a coating, makes it a brilliant option to help you to get more resistance from your floor!

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To see how you could get more resistance from your flooring materials, give the Industrial Flooring Specialists a call on 01270 75300, or drop us an email at – we’ll be happy to hear from you!

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