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Flowcoat Chosen for South Africa’s Largest Flooring Project at Iveco

  • Flowcoat Chosen for-South Africa’s Largest Flooring Project at Iveco
  • Flowcoat Chosen for South Africa’s Largest Flooring Project at Iveco2
  • Flowcoat Chosen for South Africa’s Largest Flooring Project at Iveco3
  • Flowcoat Chosen for South Africa’s Largest Flooring Project at Iveco4

Flowcoat Chosen for South Africa’s Largest Flooring Project at Iveco

Flowcrete South Africa has supplied Iveco with a range of solutions for its vast and complex flooring project at its new manufacturing facility in Pretoria.

The 55,000 square metre installation was the largest flooring project in South Africa at the time and required numerous specialist and bespoke systems to be applied throughout the complex.

Out of the seven companies that put forward flooring samples during the specification process, Iveco recognised that Flowcrete’s systems would be the best fit for its latest development.

Flowcrete South Africa’s Managing Director Craig Blitenthall said: “When Iveco chose us they knew that they were choosing quality over costs, as there were cheaper alternatives available – however when it came down to which supplier was best placed to meet their demanding requirements it was Flowcrete that came out on top.

“Working on this development meant overcoming many interesting challenges, as not only was it the largest flooring project in the country at the time, but meeting Iveco’s specifications meant creating unique solutions and making full use of the flexibility of our systems.”

To meet Iveco’s high aesthetic requirements Flowcrete had to supply its solutions in the same colours as the client’s international standards. To do this the resin flooring specialist developed and produced floors in bespoke tones that matched Iveco’s corporate colours.

Unfortunately, a fire during construction had damaged the floor and so the area had to be rescreeded. Support beams and sliding doors that had been fire damaged were removed and the floor cavities left behind were filled in with Conrep SF65.

Several areas of the facility required the floor to have specific properties and as such various different systems and coatings were laid.  The epoxy resin floor coating Flowcoat SF41 was installed across the main production areas of the facility as well as on the walkways, Flowfresh HF ESD was installed across the floors and Flowfresh WR ESD was applied as coving around the drains.

This combination of solutions meant that Iveco could rest assured that its new facility would maintain an unblemished surface that wouldn’t deteriorate when faced with the inevitable demands of manufacturing 20 tonne trucks.

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Verity Hunter

Verity Hunter is the Marketing Manager at Flowcrete South Africa - a leading manufacturer of seamless resin floor solutions. In this role Verity leads the African regional marketing efforts to engage with construction professionals and to provide them with insights and information on resin flooring.

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