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Five Fantastic Flowfresh Freezer Facts

  • Five Fantastic Flowfresh Freezer Facts

Five Fantastic Flowfresh Freezer Facts

With stringent health and safety regulations to consider, finding the correct flooring solution for any food or beverage environment can be tough. Add into the mix extreme conditions such as sub-zero temperatures and that task may become overwhelming.

Fortunately, systems such as Flowcrete’s Flowfresh are able to stand up to such environments. Here are our five fantastic freezer facts that make the antimicrobial flooring system ideal for use in walk-in refrigerators, freezers and cold storage rooms.

1- The material exhibits excellent thermal resistance and can withstand prolonged exposure to sub-zero temperatures as low as -45°F (-43°C). Due to its incredible durability, Flowfresh can be laid in thicknesses of up to 3/8” (9mm).

2- Flowfresh can combat both thermal shock and cycling conditions brought about by immediate exposure to hot water or steam-cleaning processes, as well as the gradual warming and cooling of a facility in the event of seasonal wash-downs or de-frosting procedures.

3- The antimicrobial flooring system offers an adjustable anti-slip profile, with coarse aggregates included within the urethane matrix providing a positively textured finish that exhibits excellent slip-resistance even when wet or icy!

4- The material can be installed in freezers or cold stores while the rest of the facility remains operational. The material is completely food-safe, extremely low in odor and VOCs as well as phthalate-free, imposing no threat to human health or to any consumable foodstuffs or ingredients located close by.

5- Being cementitious, the material is semi-breathable meaning that it can be used to service areas subject to damp conditions or installed on a damp substrate; allowing for the safe dissipation of any moisture vapor from the underlying slab without fear of damage to the finished surface.

Want to know more? Have any questions or need advice on the best flooring solution for your cold store
or production areas? Then get in touch with your local Flowcrete sales team, or simply drop us a comment below…

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