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Bacteria Beware! Hygiene Boy is Here!

  • Bacteria Beware Hygiene Boy is Here
  • Bacteria Beware Hygiene Boy is Here2

Bacteria Beware! Hygiene Boy is Here!

The malevolent Masters of Grime are on the run thanks to the superhero of sanitation, Hygiene Boy!

The microbial maniacs (identified as Les Teria, Sal Monella and Eric Coli) had been plotting to contaminate food and beverage production facilities by hiding in gaps in the floor and then bursting from cover to infect produce with food borne illnesses.

Hygiene Boy’s Healthy Heroics

Wise to their grim game Hygiene Boy channelled his germ killing powers to protect the innocent foodstuffs and took every opportunity to neutralise the threats posed by the pathogenic pests.

First he rooted them out of hiding with his special seamless flooring application Flowfresh, this meant that they couldn’t hide within flooring cracks and use these spaces to launch their attacks.

But this was only part one of his plan – next Hygiene Boy hit them with the natural silver power of his Polygiene® shield! This piece of antimicrobial apparatus fires out silver ions, which is kryptonite to germs, able to eliminate 99.9% of all the bacteria it comes into contact with.

And because of Hygiene Boy’s super strength, durability and resilience it means that once he has protected an environment it stays safe for the long term. The corrosive chemicals, heavy impacts and thermal shock typical of intensive production areas don’t scare the flooring phenomenon as he simply shrugs them off and continues to guard the floor.

Hygiene Boy is feeling particularly proud at the moment, as the cleaning credentials of his Flowfresh skills have been recently recognised by the food industry, as they have been nominated as a finalist in the 2014 Food Magazine Awards’ Food Safety and Innovation category.

Ever Vigilant for the Call to Sanitation

But the work isn’t over! The Masters of Grime are still able to contaminate unprepared food and beverage factories. The scale of their miserable machinations can be seen in figures by the federal Department of Health, which estimates that the number of Australians contracting food-borne illnesses is as high as 5.4 million and that the cost to the economy of these incidents is as high as AUD 1.25 billion!

To find out more about how Hygiene Boy can help protect your facility talk to the Flowcrete Australia team at foodpro 2014, stand F14, where they’ll be able to explain all about how to make the most of Hygiene Boy’s super powers.

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