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Flooring That Just Worx

Car services, cleaning and updates are all things that vehicle owners will be more than familiar with. While the vast majority of drivers do their best to make sure that these pieces of life admin are carried out on time, keeping up to date with car washes can be an annoying and tedious task.

Luckily, the popularity of deluxe car washing facilities is on the rise. Whether it’s in the form of car washing equipment at your local petrol station, supplying both bubbles and water that you can utilise yourself, or hand car-washes with professional car cleaners servicing your motor for a fee – cleaning your car can now be enjoyable!

Not convinced? Imagine this – you discover a luxury experience that not only offers the ultimate in car cleaning services, but does so in a visually stimulating space where you can sit back and relax with a cool beverage. Welcome to Machine WashWorx.

Luxury car washing and leisure experience Machine WashWorx

1. The Basix

Machine WashWorx in South Africa offers a unique car washing and leisure experience that allows you to relax in luxury, whilst your much loved car is washed and detailed to the most exacting standard of car cleanliness.

2. Inside Out 

Ranging from a simple wash and dry all the way to an engine buff and wheel arch shine, the facility offers four services to appease cleanaholics and petrol heads alike.

3. Motors inc

As our blog is not called All Things Car Cleanliness, there is a specific aspect of this luxury car washing facility that interests us the most – you’ve got it, the floor.

A number of flooring solutions were required for this space that would convey Machine WashWorx’s distinctive branding while also being able to withstand the water, cleaning chemicals, foot traffic, automotive oils, impacts and other challenges inherent to a car washing facility.

Different flooring solutions were required for each section

4. The Worx

It gets better. Despite several different flooring solutions being necessary from a health and safety point of view, the flooring needed to maintain a cohesive aesthetic throughout the space; from parking bays to washing areas and even into the on-site café!

For the car wash and parking areas, a flexible and solvent free polyurethane coating system was utilised. Originally designed to provide long lasting surfaces in large, multi-storey car parks, this was the ideal solution to cope with the onsite conditions.

Vivid yellow and urban light grey matched corporate colours

Here the floor was specified in a vivid yellow and urban light grey to exactly match Machine WashWorx’s corporate colours. We love how the floor mirrors the wall coatings, graffiti art and pillars.

Extra slip resistance was also required in the site to help keep staff and visitors safe in all areas. Suede additive, a fine sand-like powder was incorporated into the floor coating on the wash bay ramps to enhance traction underfoot without creating an overly-rough texture that would be harder to clean.

Suede additive was used in the ramps for added slip resistance

Tea or Coffee?

To add to the luxuriousness of this facility, you can relax in the adjacent café whilst your car is being buffed and polished. With a vast choice of driver-friendly soft drinks, the flooring in this area needed to be both on-brand and easy to keep clean should any drinks be spilled onto the floor.

The cafe area allows customers to relax

Foot traffic and point loading from items such as heavy tables and chairs also posed a challenge for the flooring, and so a durable yet decorative epoxy coating was installed to create a glossy, light grey floor area that conveyed the same aesthetic as the rest of the facility.

There aren’t many cafe floors that need to support a table that is made from a heavy car engine!

The flooring needed to be decorative yet durable to withstand the movement of heavy furniture

Behind the Scenes

A third system was also required for Machine WashWorx’s back of house storage area. Here a self-smoothing and hard wearing epoxy system was used to provide a reliable floor for an extended period of time.

What do you think? If this facility was around the corner from our office, the All Things Flooring team would have the cleanest cars around, that’s for sure!

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