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Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Moving through the colour wheel in our focused mini-series, we reach the brightest and most visible colour in the spectrum, yellow.

Across the world, yellow is seen as an optimistic colour, the colour of sunshine and warmth but also the colour of caution.

It is no coincidence that school buses and traffic lights in the States are yellow. The colour is said to make them much more visible to the eye, and remind drivers to remain cautious.

In the UK, yellow signage is used to signify hot water, the presence of CCTV, a risk of explosion or fire, automatic doors and even wet floors. But it is not all doom and gloom, yellow in its various hues is also used to create vibrant visuals. Let’s take a look at where this colour is used and to what effect.


In some commercial venues, bright colours are a way of life, especially in children’s play zones.

Bright yellow and blue flooring injects energy into this play zone

The use of bold, contrasting colours add a sense of energy to this space, which we can only imagine is reflected in the children who use the play zone. We love this design, after all, who says that the fun should stop with the flooring!

Another market sector that is particularly suited to using vibrant, happy colours is retail, where the aim of the game is to get shoppers feeling their best and happy to part with their hard earned cash.

Bright colours work well in retail

As well as helping to create a vibrant space, colours can also be used to reflect brand identity in stores, as is the case for the store shown below.

The brightly coloured flooring here reflects the brand well

The almost neon coloured flooring here is mirrored by the clothing and accessories held in the store, emphasising a bold and bright brand identity that extends from the stock to the interior design.


Reflecting brand identity through the use of colour is not just limited to commercial venues however.

Attractive and functional flooring was used in this brewery, located in Bright, Australia

In the brew house shown above, located in Bright town, Victoria, the hygienic polyurethane flooring solution chosen was specified in yellow to not only be functional, but also to add a ’bright’ visual to reflect the town, and brewery’s, name.

Aesthetics were especially important to the brewery, as guided tours and brewing master classes are offered to visitors, meaning that the flooring is regularly on show to members of the public on an almost daily basis.

Antibacterial polyurethane flooring in bold yellow was chosen for this food facility

A brighter shade was used in the food and beverage manufacturing facility above. The antibacterial polyurethane system was installed in the processing area as well as the corridors of the facility, maintaining a seamless and hygienic floor throughout.

We couldn’t end this post without commenting on how this bright colour can help to keep a space safe, thanks to its increased visibility.

Yellow road markings stand out against the grey roadways here

In this car park for example, bright yellow was used for the pedestrian walkways as well as the zebra crossing. Utilising a colour that contrasts greatly to the black and grey road areas and parking bays gives much more opportunity for pedestrians to be seen, increasing the safety of the space. For more on this, see our Back to Black post here.

There we have it. If you’ve enjoyed this post, check out our other posts in the colour mini-series, and join us for our next post on multi-coloured flooring.

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Stephanie Samuel

Stephanie Samuel is the Digital Brand Ambassador at the global resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Group Ltd. Steph's role includes social media marketing, online brand advocacy and managing the blog.

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