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Festive Flooring Gift Guide


All Your Flooring Wants for Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, so before you head into the Christmas shutdown period, why not give back to that one continuously reliable, supportive and ever-present companion, the floor!

If you’re struggling for gift ideas, don’t worry; take a look at our list, from ‘main’ presents to stocking fillers.

A Spa Break

Is your floor in need of some TLC?

Specifying abrasion resistance can help to reduce scratches, chips and scuffs in the surface, all of which are inherent in areas of high traffic. This can benefit all spaces, from retail environments that are likely to experience heavy footfall on a daily basis, to industrial facilities that utilise forklift trucks moving heavy loads.

Abrasion resistance helps to keep the flooring looking it’s best for longer

Protective Clothing

Hats, scarves and glove sets are another winner for Christmas, and let’s not get started on the customary pack of socks! One protective coating that you can provide for your flooring however is chemical resistance.

Chemical resistance is ideal for spaces that host oils, solvents and even natural acids found in food and drink

For flooring in facilities that handle chemicals, solvents and even food and drink, chemical resistance is an invaluable gift. Polyurethane and epoxy flooring offer varied amounts of chemical resistance, so choosing the right system for your facility is very important. Specific sectors can even specify floors tailored to meet the common chemicals used in that industry, for example aircraft hangars can opt for a surface that won’t be damaged by aviation hydraulic fluid.

Something Sparkly?

The best things come in small packages, and there’s nothing like the excitement of seeing a jewellery shaped box beneath the tree. So why not give your flooring something glistening this year?

Shimmering terrazzo flooring adds a touch of glamour to any space

Shimmering terrazzo flooring, containing aggregates such as glass, mirror and marble chippings are excellent at giving that added touch of glamour to any space. Regularly used in commercial venues such as retail and leisure environments terrazzo flooring is extremely durable as well as decorative.

In a rush? If you are a last minute gift buyer, don’t forget to check out fast-curing systems that can be installed and cured over night, ready to receive traffic the following day!

Fast curing terrazzo is available for installations requiring a quick turn around


Every year without fail, that one friend or family member is likely to buy you festive-shaped bath bombs or mulled-wine scented soap – but this is one gift that your flooring can’t do without!

No matter which flooring you have, regular cleaning can help to keep a floor looking and performing it’s best. This is essential in retail environments for example; a welcoming space includes everything from great window displays to a clean and inviting space within – this could be the difference between someone shopping in your store compared to another!

Regular cleaning can help to keep your facility hygienic and functioning properly

In food production plants on the other hand, regular cleaning can mean the difference between reliable food produce and contamination. Contamination risks have the potential to cause extreme illness in consumers, and when traced back to the production plant, costly recalls and even expensive litigation.

Treat your floor to deep cleans regularly to avoid dirt and bacteria build-ups! Don’t forget, you can specify added slip resistance to protect staff and visitors walking on freshly cleaned surfaces.

If you would like any more advice or information on the ideal ‘gifts’ for your flooring, please leave a comment below.

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