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Epoxy Benefits for Businesses


Epoxy Flooring Part 3: Benefits to Your Business

Epoxy flooring solutions are ideal for providing a sleek and stunning aesthetic that adds style to any business. Whether you are looking to revamp the flooring in an office, warehouse, storage area or retail environment, this versatile option can be specified to suit the space.

Epoxy resin floors can be beneficial to several market sectors, including institutional buildings, recreational complexes, storage and logistic areas, wet and dry processing areas, retail stores, restaurants, schools and many more.

Depending on the market sector, the incorporated properties and even thickness will be very different, for example warehouses may not need as decorative a system as a restaurant or retail environment, but it may need improved chemical resistance depending upon what the warehouse houses.

Decorative yet functional epoxy systems are perfect for making a good first impression

For office environments, decorative yet functional epoxy systems are ideal, as the space is required to accommodate a work force as well as visitors. Making a good first impression is key, and this starts with the entrance or reception area.

As reception areas are likely to experience heavy footfall from both employees and visitors, a thicker flooring system may be necessary to ensure that over time general wear and tear does not leave this space looking tired.

Different flooring systems can be used depending on the needs of the space

Due to variable weather conditions, it may also be necessary to include slip resistance properties here, as well as a seamless finish to increase the ease of cleaning.

For meeting rooms or hallways, noise-dampening materials are useful to reduce noises that could distract those working. This can be achieved with carpet, rubber, cork or vinyl flooring for example. This transition between materials can be decorative to make a statement and clearly show the separation of zones within the space.

Noise dampening carpet can be used in corridors to keep noise to a minimum

Canteens or kitchens on the other hand will not necessarily need to be noise reducing, but may need to have other properties. Chemical resistance for example can reduce the chance of the floor failing even when in regular contact with spilt food or drink containing sugars and acids that can become harmful to some floor coatings over time.

The increased likelihood of water being present on the floor, either from cleaning or washing up also means that slip resistant properties in the flooring would be beneficial to reduce the risk of accidents. This can be achieved easily with a textured profile on the floor.

Slip and chemical resistance are great properties for an office kitchen or canteen

Finally, as well as functional benefits, epoxy resins can also be used to reflect brand identity through the use of coloured epoxy or coloured aggregates. The example below incorporates the brand colours of this company, through the use of red, white and grey hues.

Brand colours can be incorporated into the floor

How does your floor benefit your business?

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Terris Schneider

Terris AK Schneider is a content writer and editor for Flooring Guide blog based in Toronto, Ontario. She has written for clients in various industries, and has a personal passion for DIY blogging, interior design and flooring tips (her mother is an interior designer, so it runs in the family).

2 thoughts on “Epoxy Flooring Part 3: Benefits to Your Business”

  1. I was not aware that epoxy can serve a decorative yet functional purpose which is commonly found on floorings. Since you said that they can be used depending on the needs of the space, I think we can use the resin from a good supplier to use it on the floor to create a good aesthetic. Because you also suggested that we can use epoxy to add a slip and chemical resistant coating to the floor, I might just consider using this on the canteen floor as well once the renovation is almost complete.

  2. This is some really good information about epoxy floors. I have been considering getting them in my basement this year. It is good to know that it would be smart for me to think about getting some decorative elements added to the epoxy.

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