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Applying Multicolor Stoneface®


How to Apply Multicolor Stoneface® in 8 Simple Steps

Multicolor Stoneface® is a brand new, one of a kind wall coating range that allows designers to easily create natural stone textures without the hassle, labour or costs of installing the real thing.

Unlike homogenous wall coatings, this range contains liquid beads in a variety of colours within the system’s resin matrix that forms a consistent, multi-coloured pattern when sprayed onto a surface. By combining the spraying technique with this innovative formulation, a range of natural aesthetics and textures including granite and marble can be created.

Intricate designs can be coated with this innovative system

So how is this innovative wall coating applied?

Step 1

Multicolor Stoneface® can be applied to numerous facades, including cementitious masonry, plastic, glass, wood, metals such as aluminium cladding, precast panels and even old concrete, ceramic tile and deteriorating granite or marble.

To begin the application process, any loose material from the surface should be scraped off by hand or washed away using a jet washer.

Step 2

A primer coat should then be added to the surface via a roller or spray gun. In this case, Primer Coat AK-28 from Flowcrete Asia has been used.

Step 3

Once the primer coat has been applied, apply a patch and scratch coat to ensure a smooth, even surface. Here, AK-133 with white cement and sand has been used.

Step 4

Once dry, protection tape should be used to mark out the joint lines. Adding joints helps to create a realistic looking finish.

Adding joints to seamless surfaces helps to create an authentic appearance of natural stone

Step 5

With the tape securely in place, apply the joint colour by brush and once dry cover the joint with protection tape.

Step 6

With the joints taken care of, apply the base colour by roller or spray gun and leave this to dry. In the example below the waterproof and crack bridging AK-133 is used.

Step 7

With the base colour completely dry, apply the Multicolor Stoneface® series by spray gun to ensure an even layer. This must be left to dry for a minimum of four hours

Step 8

When dry, the joint tape can be removed and a clear sealer coat can be applied to the entire surface to finish the application process.

As demonstrated in the example shown above, Flowcrete Asia is able to provide the Multicolor Stoneface® range to the Southeast Asian construction market, thanks to their collaboration with the Taiwan-based polymer coatings and construction chemical specialists Cathay Coatings, who pioneered this resin wall coating solution.

Aside from being used to create attractive exteriors, the versatility of this system means that it is also ideal for enhancing the walls of internal areas such as walkways and reception areas.

This fast and economical spray can be applied in a quick turnaround, is extremely easy to clean and is able to withstand prolonged exposure to the elements thanks to incorporated resistance to UV rays, varying temperatures, heavy rain and freeze-thaw conditions.

Fast application, weather resistance and ease of cleaning are some benefits of the system

For more information on Multicolor Stoneface® or its application process, please leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

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