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New Alain Ducasse Restaurant


New Alain Ducasse Restaurant Creates a Bold First Impression

The city of Macau on the south coast of China has been selected as the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation’s (UNESCO) Creative City of Gastronomy this year, giving credibility to Macau as a not-to-miss destination for food lovers looking for fantastic restaurants and dining experiences.

As a case in point, Macau recently joined the likes of Monaco, New York and Paris by welcoming two new Alain Ducasse restaurants and a bar, located in the Morpheus hotel. Whilst Macanese is a unique and worthy cuisine worth exploring, Alain Ducasse at Morpheus offers French haute cuisine to its diners, to match the cuisine served at these city-central Michelin star-awarded restaurants.

This highly anticipated restaurant was keen to give its diners an entire experience, uniting the delicate food with the ideal setting. To create a striking first impression, 200 m2 of bright orange resin flooring was chosen for the restaurant’s walkways.

The bright and bold colour choice mirrored the interior design scheme of the restaurant

To ensure that this flooring would stand the test of time in a demanding environment, 200 m2 of the semi-dry cementitious Isocrete K-Screed was applied first, to guarantee a durable and robust screed layer. Proprietary additives within this system produce an early drying time, allowing for this installation project to be completed more quickly when compared to using traditional screed systems. This was then coated with a seamless epoxy resin system.

As well as matching the interior design scheme, the colour orange is said to reflect positivity and optimism, a winning combination to help diners relax and enjoy their experience.

In addition to being extremely decorative, this seamless epoxy resin system is hardwearing, making it the ideal system to withstand footfall, the manoeuvring of tables and chairs and wheeled catering trollies. The inclusion of chemical resistance also protects the floor against natural acids and sugars from spilt food and drink, as well as the regular exposure to cleaning products.

The seamlessness of the flooring will make it extremely easy to clean

Cleaning a flooring system like this is made easier and more sanitary thanks to its seamless nature. The absence of cracks or joints leaves no hiding places for dirt and food, reducing the risk of bacterial growth.

The juxtaposition of the bright, bold resin with the soft grey carpeting is a great mix of statement and softness and gives an overall ‘plush’ visual. We can’t help but feel that this could be a reflection of the photo-worthy presentation of the haute cuisine, alongside its delicate flavour.

The juxtaposition of flooring materials creates a striking visual

We think this colourful and glossy finish gives the venue the ‘wow’ factor – what do you think?

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Stephanie Samuel

Stephanie Samuel is the Digital Brand Ambassador at the global resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Group Ltd. Steph's role includes social media marketing, online brand advocacy and managing the blog.

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