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IBA Munich Event 2018


IBA Munich Puts the Cherry on Top

Those working in the food industry will have surely heard of IBA Munich’s triennial event. This exhibition showcases what’s new in the bakery, confectionery and snack industry, from ingredients to packaging through live seminars to exclusive bakery tours!

This leading trade fair hosted its first event in 1949, and has been growing ever since. Lately, the portfolio includes everything from raw materials and ingredients to logistics, ovens and equipment and snack production. Learn from and experience the expertise of industry professionals over the five-day event, taking place this year from 15-19 September!

Seminars, live demonstrations and bakery tours are all part of the show

With over 1,300 exhibitors from 57 different countries, the number of visitors for this year’s event exceeds 77,000 from over 160 different countries.

We’re fascinated by these types of food industry events, as they flag up the importance of flooring across a multitude of different facilities, buildings, processes and environments. If you’d like to learn more about flooring before heading to the show (you never know, IBA Munich could be a good opportunity to look at how your floor fits in with different industry concerns), then check out these articles/posts now.

IBA exhibitors and product ranges cover several different areas:

1. Production Technology

With automation and process optimisation being the hot topics for 2018, this year’s ‘look and marvel’ motto will not disappoint. From industrial mixers to dough preparation and transportation, these innovative machines can be experienced live.

Process optimisation is a hot topic for 2018

2. Raw materials and ingredients

Let your nose lead the way to the live-baking events, where information on quality raw ingredients is provided as well tips on catering for all dietary requirements.

3. Snacks

Aside from having snacks on sale, the snack industry is explored, from healthy snacks to frozen food and store design, including technical equipment that makes snack preparation possible.

4. Coffee

It’s true; the classic filter coffee is making its comeback. With cold-brewed coffee being a recent trend, the demand for both organic products and environmentally friendly technology is the flavour of the month – how do you take yours?

Cold-brewed, organic produce is the flavour of the month

5. Shop fittings, equipment and packaging

For food that looks as good as it tastes, discover how to create the perfect atmosphere using lighting and merchandising techniques in stores, as well as the seduction techniques of using just the right kind of packaging.

6. Logistics

From automated picking systems to storage systems, visitors can learn more about the ideal way to store produce and also about ‘predictive purchasing’ and how to assess future-purchasing decisions properly.

7. Cleaning and Hygiene

With recent outbreaks of contamination being so heavily publicised in the media, this will arguably be the most important topic covered at this year’s event.

Visitors can learn about the importance of cleanliness and basic requirements for facilities, from staff wearing the right clothing to correct materials being used for the floor and walls to maintain the highest possible hygiene standards.

We’d love to know if you are attending this year’s event in September, and what you are most interested in seeing. Leave a comment below.

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