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Epoxy Endless Design Options


Epoxy Flooring Part 2: Endless Design Options

If you have already chosen epoxy flooring as an investment for your commercial, industrial or residential space, then you may be starting to decide on the different design options that are at your disposal with this flooring system.

The exquisiteness of epoxy flooring can be personalized by using colors. For example, it is common to use aggregates in the form of colored chips, glitter, and many more artistic choices that are sealed into the floor’s surface.


For commercial sectors there are several epoxy systems that can be used to create luxurious, decorative visuals. Take epoxy resin terrazzo for example; this material features aggregates that can be a mix of mirrored glass, clear glass, slate and stone which catch the light and generate a sparkling effect in the floor. Materials like this are extremely durable and eye catching, making them ideal for stores or shopping centres that expect high footfall and want low maintenance flooring that looks bright and fresh daily.

Aggregates are incorporated into epoxy resin terrazzo to give a luxurious, decorative effect


For industrial applications, seamless, solvent free, chemical resistant epoxy resin coatings can be used in a variety of colors. In garages or mechanic workshops, using bright colors can help to identify dropped items, oil spills or gas leakages, which need to be cleaned up and dealt with quickly to avoid accidents.

Different colored epoxies can also be used to clearly separate walkways from working bays to help staff and visitors remain safe when navigating through a space.

For industrial applications, seamless epoxy resin coatings can be used in a variety of colors


Even the most functional flooring options come in a wealth of colors, textures and finishes. For residential garages, laundry rooms or pantries, gloss, self-smoothing epoxy-based floor coatings can be used for a contemporary aesthetic. With a range of vivid color swatches available from flooring specialists, you can stick to contemporary grey hues or bright blues, greens or reds, depending on your preference. For more information on residential flooring solutions, visit the Flooring Guide.

Specify the colors and textures to suit your space

Which color would you choose?

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