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Daring Décor: Being Bold in Commercial Design

Gone are the days of simplistic designs in the commercial sector. More and more we are seeing a move towards completely branded spaces that use elements of architecture, lighting and colour to draw the eye of potential customers and get the footfall.

With the outlook that once a customer is in your commercial space, whether a store, restaurant or sales room you have a 50% chance of converting to a sale, getting that much needed foot in the door is half of the work. This is why we are seeing such a rise in daring interior design choices that provide an attractive atmosphere and overall experience.

There are several ways that you can be bold in the world of interior design, whether that is using colour, texture, patterns or zones within a space. This is not just reserved for the walls either, but the floor, furniture and ceilings too.


Using patterns in flooring is nothing new; we’ve seen this develop over the years from patterned tiles, to patterns created with bricks, patios and even wood. Now however, creating complex patterns is even easier with the increased popularity of resin flooring systems.

Colourful patterns are easy to achieve with materials such as terrazzo

Take the example above. This complex pattern, with numerous different colours is separated with metal trim, acting like borders to isolate the coloured resins and keep them from mixing. The trim is barely visible, and looks like nothing more than part of the pattern.

Being able to utilise multiple colours in one space can create wonderfully striking patterns that change the entire look of a room.

Monochrome patterns are timeless and visually effective

The monochrome effect on this restaurant’s flooring is the main feature of this room, and perfectly complements the contrasting coloured furniture.

Titivating with Texture

Texture can easily give depth and dimension to a commercial space as well as having functional properties.

A durable material used on the wall to add texture and a hardwearing surface

This popular bar in Birmingham, UK has utilised a stone-carpet material on the walls to create texture and visual impact. As well as looking effective, we can imagine that this area is a prime leaning spot – and a hardwearing and chemical resistant material like this will reduce the chance of wear and tear on the wall.

Durable materials are essential to withstand the inevitable scuffs, scratches or spilled drinks without the risk of deteriorating the finish – even despite regular exposure to harsh cleaning chemicals.

Stone carpets can also make incredibly robust and attractive flooring solutions

This material also works extremely well on the floor, especially in areas that need a highly decorative and robust solution. Here it has been used to support heavy luxury cars, whilst also adding texture and a touch of glamour to this car showroom.

The versatility of application means that this resin solution could be applied around the reception area

At Kelvin Hall, a seamless terrazzo system has been used as a hardwearing and easy-to-clean floor surface, as well as protection for the walls and other surfaces. Thanks to this versatility of application, this resin flooring material has been used around the reception desk in the image above, an area that may have to withstand scuffs from visitors’ bags or shoes.

Terrazzo systems can also be used for coving and can be specified in a verity of colours

Additionally, a darker terrazzo has been used around the seating areas, which have an increased chance of getting dirty with visitors shoes being in a concentrated area. Coving also aids cleaning regimes by smoothing out the natural wall-to-floor 90° angle where dirt and germs can hide. As well as being more hygienic, the coving also protects the wall from being dirtied or scraped by visitors’ shoes.

Creative Colour

Colour can be one of the best tools at an interior designers disposal for creating and promoting brand identity or a specific aesthetic.

IKEA has clear global brand identity thanks to the continuity in store design

With similar interior design for all IKEA stores, the look and atmosphere reflects IKEAS’s global commercial brand. The common theme includes seamless resin floors in grey hues, with demarcation to show visitors the main walkways and emergency exits. This flooring acts as a blank canvas that helps to showcase the products for sale.

On the other hand, choosing to have brightly coloured walls or floors can generate attention from a distance, piquing intrigue from passers by and drawing people in.

This exciting and colourful floor reflects the fun environment of this play zone

This children’s play zone in South Africa is extremely attractive and exciting and is highly likely to draw the attention of adults and children walking past. Here, the floor is all part of the experience and mirrors the excitement of the play area itself.

This bright orange flooring really makes a statement in this high-end restaurant in Malaysia

In a similar way, the brightly coloured floor in this French haute cuisine Alain Ducasse restaurant adds to the overall dining experience here. With high expectations for the food and service fashioned by three other Alain Ducasse Michelin star-awarded restaurants around the world, visitors to this eatery are likely to expect a spectacle in everything from the décor to their dinner – and this certainly does the trick.

Are you looking to experiment with daring décor in your commercial space? If you’d like any more advice, tips or insights from our flooring specialists, leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

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Stephanie Samuel

Stephanie Samuel is the Digital Brand Ambassador at the global resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Group Ltd. Steph's role includes social media marketing, online brand advocacy and managing the blog.

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