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A-Z of Flooring – X Marks the Spot

X marks the spot where something important can be found at a particular place. Often, colours, patterns and image-based demarcation can be used to indicate a hazard and highlight dangerous or restricted areas within a space. It is also used to increase the safety of a facility by creating improved navigation and workflow processes.

Colours and patterns can be used to create navigation and workflow

Most people recognise commonly used floor markings such as lane-dividing lines, painted arrows, zebra crossings and cycling paths but demarcation can be used to create many other visual cues in a variety of workplaces.

Demarcation can be used to highlight areas where hazards may be present

To improve safety and workflow within warehouse, distribution and industrial facilities, demarcation should be used to mark walkways, hazards, equipment storage or create exclusion zones. Creating walkways can reduce the risk associated within areas where people, forklifts, trolleys and vehicles are present and may pose a risk to staff and visitors.

Equipment storage and exclusion zones can be marked out on the flooring

Multi-storey car parks use signage in conjunction with colour to indicate key parking zones such as disabled bays, parents with prams and loading zones. More frequently, colour is also incorporated into car park flooring demarcation, pillars and signage to help visually identify car park levels and help patrons remember where they left their vehicle.

Colour can be used to identify restricted spaces

Resin-based demarcation solutions can be supplied in a range of AS2700 colours, be applied in patterns and incorporate hazard imagery (refer to AS 1319 standard for emergency-related information signs) or text-based cues.

Common colours used to clearly identify areas include the following:

Colour 1 Colour 2  Hazard
Red With or without white Dangerous area or hazard, Fire protection equipment, Stop or emergency stop controls
Green With or without white Safe areas and zones, Facility exits, First aid facilities
Yellow With or without black Caution is to be exercised, Radioactive hazards such as chemical storage or contaminated waste zones
Blue With or without white Mandatory instructions such as disabled parking zones, Areas where protective equipment must be worn, Other general information such as safety instruction locations


To learn more about resin-based demarcation and how you can incorporate it into your facility design, contact your local Flowcrete office or comment below.

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