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Automotive Series Part 2: Seal of Approval to Showroom

Cars are a luxury item for many, and there are certain expectations when looking around a car showroom that, when they are met, make the experience that much more enjoyable.  Purchasing a new car from a showroom can often come with a premium price tag, and naturally the customer expects to receive a premium service to warrant this.

A great customer experience starts from making an exceptional first impression. Customers are much less likely to part with their money if the product that they are looking to buy is poorly displayed. Creating an air of luxury however reflects the prestige of buying a brand new motor.

Create an air of luxury from the ground up

Car showrooms need to display their products very differently from most other retail environments; they need to be accessible to potential buyers but also stand out and be prominent. A great way to achieve this is through decorative flooring solutions.

Textures and colours can be used to differentiate areas of a showroom without the need for raised platforms or other structural alterations. Choosing a bold and stylish surface in one area can highlight a single, featured product and help to draw the eye of the customer.

Using colour to highlight featured products

Textured flooring such as Rustik or Rustik Glamourstone presents the visual of bringing the outside in, and can help the customer to visualise the cars on the road, rather than in a retail environment.

The use of Rustik simulates roads instead of retail

As well as simulating the outdoors, using premium materials can enhance a product’s opulence. The image below of the BAC Mono showroom uses black Rustik Glamourstone, which not only reflects the textured tarmac of a race track, but also adds a touch of glamour and allure that mirrors the sleek British Supercar.    

Black Rustik Glamourstone as the canvas for British Supercar

As well as being decorative, flooring in showrooms needs to be durable, and able to withstand footfall, heavy weights and rubber wheels. Mondéco Crystal is used in the Zinoro Showroom in Beijing thanks to its long life span, and extreme scratch, wear and abrasion resistance. This joint free system generates an easy-to-clean environment with no cracks or crevices to harbour dirt or dust.

Mondéco Crystal used for its durable, easy to clean properties

Being easy to clean is just as important for exterior spaces and car parks. Take the Audi Centre in Springwood as an example. This outside space is used as both a backdrop to the luxury vehicles on display and car park for staff and visitors. Here, Deckshield ED in a sleek light grey with white signage has been used to create a finish that would maintain an attractive, seamless platform for an extended period of time.

Deckshield ED is used here in grey with white signage

Join us next time for the third part of our journey, where we swap retail for the race track. In the mean time, please leave any comments or questions below and one of our experts will get back to you.

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