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Gym Flooring Options: For All Those Different Gyms Out There

Flooring is an essential part of any gym, yet, choosing the correct flooring material is no easy task. With so many options to choose from, you may find yourself more confused than certain. But don’t worry, you are not alone. In this article, we will show you the best gym flooring options for various types of fitness environments.

School Gyms

From elementary schools and high schools to colleges and universities, school gyms provide students with recreational activity away from their studies. Here, basketball, volleyball, and other athletic activities are available for students as part of their curriculum or own personal well-being. When it comes to selecting the best flooring solution for this environment, characteristics such as safety and durability must be taken into account, while also looking good in the process.

Therefore, consider using maple hardwood or a pad and pour polyurethane solution to meet your school gym flooring needs. As the most common type of wood flooring found in gyms, maple gym flooring will provide your facility with a flooring that is extremely dense and highly shock resistant — all while offering that traditional wood look that we are all accustomed to seeing. A pad and pour polyurethane solution, on the other hand, is ideal for schools that want to go the extra mile for durability. Designed to withstand heavy equipment and standing water, polyurethane gym flooring is completely seamless and built to endure whatever life throws at it.

Highly durable and seamless rubber flooring

Universal Gyms

Universal gyms are commercial facilities that offer free weight and stationary type equipment. Generally operated on a monthly membership basis, these gyms are a great option for all ages and abilities. While the layout of these facilities may seem simple, incorporating a flooring that can withstand dropped weights and heavy machinery can be rather challenging.

Here, consider implementing rubber flooring rolls for fitness centers that need the utmost protection. Heavy loads of equipment, whether stationary or moveable, can scratch, indent, or even crack subfloors. These type of setbacks are costly and can negatively impact the visual representation of a facility – possibly leading to downtime or canceled memberships.  Offering superior durability, rubber floor rolls are one of the most popular gym flooring options available and designed to stop potential damage from reaching what is underneath.  Among its rugged benefits, rolled rubber flooring is quiet, easy to clean, highly customizable, and 100% recyclable.

Yoga Studios

A yoga studio is a room, building, or any other space where individuals come together to participate in disciplines including simple meditation, breath control, and specific bodily postures. Since much of the time is spent on the floor, off of the feet and focused on relaxation, choosing the correct yoga flooring is essential to providing members with a pleasant and comfortable experience.

The wood look has always been a popular option within yoga studios due to grip, traction, and levelness. While traditional hardwood is an excellent choice, cost and maintenance can cause worry. Therefore, we recommend choosing a resilient material such as luxury vinyl. Luxury vinyl will provide your facility with that real wood look at a much lower price tag. It is also water resistant and easy to clean, which is a plus for studios who have multiple classes throughout the day.

High-Intensity Gyms

Over the past few years, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become widely popular. HIIT is a training idea in which low to moderate intensity intervals are alternated with high-intensity intervals. These type of gyms, such as ‘crossfit,’ employ running, weightlifting, pull ups, push ups, and other types of fast-paced exercises. Therefore, choosing a flooring that is comfortable, durable, and easy to clean is crucial to the longevity of your selection.   

Robust tiles are resilient in areas of high impact

When it comes to CrossFit flooring or any other high-intensity gym flooring, you can’t go wrong with rubber floor tiles and turf flooring material. Fitting together like a puzzle, rubber floor tiles are truly one of the easiest flooring solutions on the market. Offering simple installation and care, rubber floor tiles are soft underfoot and will protect subfloors from heavy dropped weights.

Turf works well in high-intensity environments

Turf is also a great flooring option for these facilities. Similar to regular carpet, turf will give your gym the look and feel of real grass, while also increasing agility and mobility.

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Mitchell Bryant

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    Information given in this article helps us a lot to understand the factors which should be taken into consideration while installing the gym flooring. The quality and quantity of the flooring material influence the cost of the flooring. So, assistance from the experienced professionals is really essential to reduce the overall cost of flooring.

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    Flooring materials play an important role in the gym as it protects the floor surface from any major damage. So, suitable flooring materials should be used for the flooring purpose. So, a person should do some research prior to select the flooring materials for the gym. The pros and cons associated with the flooring materials should be taken into consideration. Besides, the cost of the flooring materials should also be taken into consideration.

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