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Install a Seamless Stone Carpet in 5 Simple Steps


Install a Seamless Stone Carpet in 5 Simple Steps

Stone carpet finishes have been ergonomically designed to reflect the natural beauty of the great outdoors and offer clients a creative choice of coloured stone and marble aggregates.

Not only are these systems ideally suited for a wide range of internal and external commercial environments, their natural aggregates encapsulated in a clear resin delivers a textured non-slip finish that stands out from the crowd in retail environments, offices or dining facilities.

Some systems such as Rustik UV are UV stable and weather proof, meaning the floor will not deteriorate when exposed to prolonged periods of intense sunlight, making it an ideal choice for outdoor walkways and concourses.

It is also perfect for environments subject to heavy foot traffic such as leisure complexes, theme parks, retail stores, reception halls and other public points of interest.

Interested to see how this system is installed?

Follow these 5 simple steps and watch the below video of a Rustik UV installation at a private residence in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

1. Grind/abrade the substrate to create an open textured surface that is dust free, dry and free from cementitious laitance. In this case, the Rustik UV system was applied on top of an existing stone carpet system.

2. Mix the M-Bond Extra Base A and Hardener B in a mixing vessel using a slow drill and helical spinner head.

3. Apply using a roller and leave to cure for 7-12 hours.

4. Combine the Rustik UV Base A and Hardener B for approximately 120 seconds. Then, transfer to a forced action mixer, adding the Filler C component until uniform.

5. Spread the material by trowel. Leave to cure for 12-18 hours. Once cured, finish with Flowseal UV clear.

If you would like to learn more about stone carpet systems such as Rustik UV, please leave a comment below and we’ll put you in touch with one of our local flooring experts!

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  1. Yes i would like to learn more about stone carpet system …processing ,manufacturing and estimate cost price to prepare this carpet.

    1. Dan Ash says:

      Hi Swastik
      Thanks for your comment. If you could let us know where you are based we can put you in touch with your nearest flooring representative who will be able to provide you with more details regarding stone carpet systems as well as advise on pricing.
      Kind regards,

  2. We’re most popular carpet fitting and flooring service providers in London the big city of the United Kingdom. Most of our customers asking about the best tools for cleaning carpet flooring at home without spending too much expensive to hiring professional cleaners. After reading and watching your reference videos we decided to recommend this post as an advice to our customers and thanks for sharing with us such a lovely information.

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