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Seasonal Sparkle


How to Add Some Seasonal Sparkle to Your Floor

As we approach the festive season, many of us will be decorating our workplace to get into the festive spirit. It’s also an extremely busy time for commercial venues, which experience high volumes of foot traffic and spend thousands transforming their facilities into winter wonderlands. With this in mind, we’re sharing three decorative floors that you can install to make your venue stand out from the crowd!

Disneyland Hong Kong

In 2012, Disneyland Hong Kong added a splash of colour to their decor by installing a seamless resin terrazzo designer floor to create an enchanting environment at the Disneyland Theme Park.

The system was used at Fantasy Land, situated on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. To create a dazzling entrance walkway at their Fare Restaurant and Princess Shopping Arcade, the floor finish was applied in six different colours as part of a special design requested by the client.

Disneyland, Hong Kong

Seamless epoxy terrazzo flooring systems such as Mondéco provide the ultimate in luxury and durable flooring for upmarket shopping malls and commercial venues; offering clients a wide variety of colourful and decorative aggregates to choose from, which are incorporated into the resin mix and later diamond ground, to deliver a smooth terrazzo floor finish.

Based on a synthetic formula to provide an almost unlimited colour palette, Mondéco is blended with marble, glass and mother of pearl providing a decorative floor finish that is designed to last. Not only is the system aesthetically attractive, it can stand up to the heaviest foot and wheeled traffic and is easy to clean!

Resorts World Genting

In 2015, Resorts World Genting applied a robust green label certified, low VOC, solvent free, flexible polyurethane car park deck coating system for its impressive rooftop helipad in Genting Highland, Malaysia.

The client wanted to renovate and expand its existing helipad so that it would impress VIPs visiting by air taxis and so that it would be properly equipped for any emergency service runs. Genting’s helipad was made out of concrete and was later decorated with a letter ‘H’ and marked with a circle to increase visibility from the air.

A flexible polyurethane system was chosen for this project as it has anti-slip properties and is able to cope with heavy-duty wear and tear. This system is able to provide a watertight, hardwearing surface for the intermediate decks of multi-storey car parks as well as for basement levels and other trafficable suspended floors.

Resorts World Genting, Malaysia

In view of the helipad’s exposure to direct sunlight, a polyurethane epoxy line marker was used across the entire surface due to its incredible UV resistant properties.

Monki, Hong Kong

In 2015, fashion designer Monki installed a brand new floor that would convey the brand’s colourful, vibrant and youthful image.

Their interior designer chose a decorative, smooth, sparkling methyl methacrylate (MMA) resin floor finish in glittering gold and sleek silver – ideal for a modern contemporary environment!

The decorative resin system will also supply the store with the functionality required for its busy, commercial environment and the seamless nature of the finish ensures the surface can be quickly and easily cleaned. In addition, its hardwearing nature, prevents scratches, scruffs and stains – producing a floor finish that will remain unblemished and attractive over time.

Monki, Hong Kong

This system is ideal for a combination of functions and shimmering styles. It has been developed to enable speedy applications, reducing down-time significantly. It’s ideally suited for public areas such as shops, department stores, restaurants, discos, casinos, trendy bars, cafes, museums and art galleries, where time for floor repairing and resurfacing is limited.

If you’d like to find out more about these systems, leave a comment below and we’ll put you in touch with a local flooring expert!

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