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The Ultimate On-Site Mixer: Let’s Talk About the Hippopotamus in the Room…

One of the most talked about innovations of the year, the MEGA HIPPO® unit by Portamix® is fast becoming a must-have for flooring applicators involved in the installation of self-levelling cement based screeds, grouts, mortars, resins, sealants and adhesives.

The MEGA HIPPO® has found itself on a number of best-of 2017 ‘innovation’ lists and blogs recently and with the cost and time saving benefits that the unit boasts, it’s easy to see why…

Mixes, Pours & Spreads Material with Ease

The MEGA HIPPO®’s balanced easy tilt-cradle and easy-roll trolley allows applicators to mix, transport and pour materials with unparalleled ease – delivering and spreading material quickly with excellent control. The MEGA HIPPO® handles a wide range of construction materials and can be easily operated by just once experienced crewman.

Dubbed as the ‘ultimate on-site mixer’ and promising to save applicator crews both time and money, the innovative mixer and pouring unit features a specially shaped bowl with a capacity for up to 80 litres, ensuring thorough mixing, blending and placement without mess and more importantly no pockets of unmixed product wasted.

“Early projections suggest that the use of the MEGA HIPPO® unit can increase productivity by up to 40% compared to traditional hand-held mixing and pouring methods while at the same time slashing up to 33% in labour-associated costs”.

Ideal for Bulk Mixing & Preventing Cross Contamination

The MEGA HIPPO® is ideal for mixing in bulk (up to six 20 kg bags plus water) and dispensing either into smaller containers or directly to the area where the product is being installed – making multi-stage pours a thing of the past!

With the possibility to use an inner liner within the bowl when mixing, using a second liner after the first batch whilst the first liner is cleaned can accelerate production speeds even further. The use of liners also helps to prevent the risk of cross contamination between batches.

The MEGA HIPPO® also features a dust extraction port for effective dust cloud control when mixing – a must-have for keeping the project site clean throughout the installation.

Talk to allthingsflooring About the Hippopotamus in the Room…

We’d love to know what you think? Share your stories, comments and feedback of working with the MEGA HIPPO® below or share your snaps directly from the project site using the hashtag #hippointheroom and tagging in @allthingsflooring

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