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Brooklyn Brewery Installation


Watch as Brooklyn Brewery is Brought to Life!

This summer, American craft beer sensation Brooklyn Brewery chose a fresh floor finish to upgrade its long standing home in Brooklyn’s Williamsburg neighbourhood.

The brewery, which originally opened its doors to a dozen visitors each Friday in the late nineties now thrives, netting around 4,000 visitors each weekend. From Texas, to Sweden and to Australia, bars and restaurants proudly pour the iconic beer, encouraging global visitors to make the pilgrimage to New York to learn about the company’s brands and flavours as well as indulge in a tasting of their award-winning beers.

Ever wondered how a brewery floor is upgraded? Thanks to the clever time-lapse video below you can go behind the scenes at the world-famous brewers by watching each step of their major re-development, which included floor coating upgrades in the brewery’s main production halls.

What was installed?

For this major upgrade, durable and slip-resistant Flowfresh SR cementitious urethane was selected for installation in the brewery’s main production hall with a topcoat of 100% solids Flowcoat CR for additional chemical resistance in the face of punishing brewing conditions.

Flowfresh was selected due to its high durability, offering excellent thermal cycling and thermal shock resistance. This makes the material ideal for installation in areas subject to extremely hot temperatures or those that may be exposed to intermittent hot spillages or hot water wash down processes. Its durability is ideal for a brewery, which will subject the floor to forklift traffic, dropped kegs, abrasions from hose ends and point loading from pallets just for starters! Now, with the correct care and maintenance, Brooklyn Brewey’s new floor can be serviceable for upwards of 15 years.

Furthermore, unlike dairy brick, the chosen cementitious urethane system was installed in a seamless application, meaning no joint or grout lines, which can become susceptible to damage and cracking and once penetrated offer a ripe spot to harbour dirt, dust and other bacteria.

The decorative Flowfresh material is certified by HACCP International as food-grade for use in both wet and dry processing and production areas. This international standard recognizes both the safety and suitability of this product to meet the variety of challenges found in the food and beverage manufacturing industry.

How was it installed?

A lot of labour was involved, with crews applying a degreaser prior to pressure washing, followed by treatment with a diamond grinder to remove contaminants in the cement, much of it worn down to expose aggregate. By grinding the concrete to

the required surface profile the applicator could ensure an effective bonding surface.

Using a bucket, applicators spread the Flowfresh mortar to the required thickness and quickly trowelled the material around the brewery’s equipment until it was closed and flat. The team then continued to trowel subsequent batches, maintaining a consistent, even application.

For this project, the work took place over seven consecutive weekends and due to a lot of equipment remaining in-situ throughout the install required highly skilled applicators working low down and often in tight spaces.

We’re all impressed with the footage at All Things Flooring HQ, but don’t just take our word for it, watch the installation here!

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