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Celebrate Meat Free Week with Veg-Friendly Floors

Next week, us Brits and our friends from ‘down under’ will be taking on the challenge to ‘Eat Less, Care More and Feel Good!’ by allocating one week to giving up our BBQ favourites for a meat free week!

Taking place from the 18th-24th September, the challenge aims to get people talking about how much meat they eat and the impact this has on their health.

‘Meat Free Week Australia’ became a reality in 2013 and expanded to include the UK equivalent in 2015. The week provides quality education, awareness and information to allow supporters to make informed choices and improve their eating habits by considering aspects such as portion sizes, when including meat as part of a balanced diet.

Always keen to support healthy living, we thought we’d get on board and celebrate Meat Free Week by sharing three of Flowcrete Australia’s projects, which supply meat-free produce.

1. Chef’s Pantry, Victoria, Australia

Chef’s Pantry, Victoria, Australia

Chef’s Pantry is a proud Australian fresh cut processor, food manufacturer, contract manufacturer, distributor and supplier of over 8,000 food and disposable (environmentally friendly & sustainable) packaging products.

In order to refurbish the vegetable processing area in their Braeside plant, it was important as a food distribution business to ensure a hygienic environment that would maintain the freshness of its produce.

In order to minimise the risk of contamination, Chefs Pantry chose a specialist flooring solution that would facilitate the removal of dirt, grime and bacteria from the area.

1,299m2 of HACCP International certified Flowfresh SR and Flowfresh sealer was installed to create a seamless, easy to clean finish that would maintain an impervious, gap-free coating despite the busy onsite operating conditions that are inherent to supplying over 90 tonnes of fresh food products every week.

2. Town and Country Markets, Queensland, Australia

Town and Country Markets, Queensland, Australia

The Brisbane based fruit and veg supplier used the latest food-safe flooring innovation to maximise its facility’s hygienic performance. 500m2 of the full gloss, polyurethane, antimicrobial-enhanced Flowfresh Sealer system was installed in the company’s vegetable processing and storage areas to safeguard its produce as much as possible against bacteria.

Town and Country Markets made this change, as they wanted a HACCP International certified system in place as materials that meet this standard have been rigorously tested to ensure that they effectively minimise the risk of contamination incidents.

The glossy nature of Flowfresh sealer is an aesthetic benefit as well as easier to clean compared to traditional matt systems. For this project, a warm yellow colour was chosen for the main floors with eye-catching, coral red walkways to help aid navigation around the rooms.

Every system in the Flowfresh range has been designed to meet the flooring challenges within food and beverage environments. It even includes the antimicrobial agent Polygiene® which empowers the range with the ability to eliminate up to 99.9% of bacteria in contact with the floor finish. This bacteria killing property meets the ISO 22196 standard, which measures a surface’s antibacterial effectiveness.

3. Oostra Spice Company, Victoria, Australia

Oostra Spice Company, Victoria, Australia

Victorian Spice Merchant, Oostra Spice Company has been supplying the Australian market with premium herbs, spices and Melanges (blends) since 1983. To guarantee the best spices and herbs, which are often added to vegetarian dishes, the company travels the world to meet with the finest suppliers.

The HACCP accredited facility required a floor coating that would provide an easy to clean, durable surface for the site’s blending, packing and warehouse areas, the business specified a solution from Flowcrete Australia that would meet its high standards for hygiene, functionality and durability.

To achieve this, over 1,200m2 of the heavy duty resin system Flowcoat UV was installed in a range of bespoke colours to provide a UV stable, highly chemical and abrasion resistant sealer, ideal for warehouse facilities.

The seamless and impervious finish that Flowcoat UV creates was perfect for this project, as it makes it very easy to clean away any spilled spices, dirt or contamination in the floor.

Aussie or Brit? Sign up to take on the challenge or click here to find out more about flooring in food and beverage environments.

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