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A Masterclass in Office Flooring

A contemporary office isn’t just a space to spend eight hours shuffling paperwork and typing up reports anymore, it’s a multifaceted environment that needs to encourage innovation, creativity and communication.

The interior design plays a key role in this, as drab, grey and generic looking offices do little to encourage work or unique thinking. Instead the interior design scheme needs to inject colour and vibrancy into the space while simultaneously providing the practical properties required to support the site’s daily activity.

To exemplify the role that the floor plays in making an office fun, friendly and functional, Flowcrete Poland used a change of headquarters as the ideal opportunity to create a variety of finishes in their new office that conveyed an on-trend design scheme while supporting each room’s key objectives.

Flowcrete Poland’s architecture experts, Specification Manager Małgorzata Zajkowska and Marketing Specialist Agnieszka Bąk, worked with the architectural firm Chmielewski, Skała, Architekci. This partnership led to a 200 m2 showcase of high performance office flooring!

Working on a daily basis with contractors and architects specifying resin flooring for both industrial and commercial projects, Małgorzata and Agnieszka put their extensive knowledge, experience and designing skills into creating a contemporary, attractive and comfortable office space for employees but also making it a place where specifiers can see, touch and walk on a variety of in-situ resin materials.

Entrance Area

When first stepping foot in the new, 600 m2 office on Warsaw’s Marywilska Street, Flowcrete Poland wanted visitors to be impressed by the visually stunning reception area. This is the main aim of this part of any office – to create a great first impression on potential customers/business partners. This aesthetic appeal then has to be retained in the face of extensive foot traffic and frequent cleaning.

To achieve this, a sophisticated yet hard wearing Mondéco Classic system in elegant white with a subtle gloss was applied. This high quality terrazzo floor is made using coloured epoxy resin with marble aggregates, which once mixed is poured into designated areas using aluminium trims to separate different colours. Repeatedly grinding and polishing this resin material then gives the surface a glittering sheen.

Małgorzata told us that “the design versatility of Mondéco meant that we could easily create geometric patterns of overlapping squares in four different places throughout the office”. What’s more, the floor design consists of three different resin colours (light grey, dark grey and red) and three types of aggregates (white marble, grey marble and glass), which gave Małgorzata the versatility to use seven different combinations of Mondéco. Her favourite was “a striking red Mondéco Crystal with transparent glass aggregates incorporated into the finish”.

This pattern exemplifies how much decorative potential Mondéco has, as a totally different effect can be created just by changing the colour of the resin matrix with the same aggregate blend.

Meeting Rooms

In the office’s meeting and conference rooms, the decorative stone-carpet style system Peran Rustik Glamourstone was applied. This type of floor is made using carefully selected and sorted marble stones encapsulated in transparent epoxy resin.

The most spacious conference room in Flowcrete Poland’s new office was designed in a Scandinavian style. Peran Rustik Glamourstone in grey was applied on the floor to complement the interior décor, as the room’s furniture was made up of shades of white, grey and acacia wood with chairs in vibrant turquoise and red colours.

In a smaller meeting room a sleek black Peran Rustik Glamourstone system was applied. White and red furniture was chosen for this room, contrasting with the floor underfoot and creating a vibrant, contemporary office interior.

This choice of materials and colours gave the meeting rooms a contemporary and engaging atmosphere with the unique experience of having an indoor meeting with the feeling of a natural texture underfoot. Livening up areas such as this is important, as it helps employees to feel motivated, creative and focused. On a practical level this type of floor is immune to the scuffs and scrapes of chairs and feet and so it won’t lose its colour or style over time.


The kitchen, which is the most colourful space in the office, was decorated with a Peran PGF floor in a uniform grey colour and with a textured finish. This was ideal for serving as an interesting backdrop for the room’s multi-coloured equipment, while its seamless and impervious nature meant that it would provide the hygienic benefits necessary in a food handling area.

In the storage and sample rooms, which include closets and small cupboards, there are Peran STB floors in subtle shades of grey. It is an easy to clean and durable floor, so it was chosen to handle the weight of storage shelves, which are laden with brochures, books and flooring samples.

These systems are easily up to the task of maintaining a seamless and attractive finish for an extended period of time in an office, as they have been designed to withstand the challenging conditions within large-scale industrial environments and public buildings.

And that wasn’t all! The resin floors in the new Flowcrete Poland office were combined with other materials, including polished floor tiles in the hall and carpet in some corridors and work rooms.

Flowcrete Poland’s Specification Manager, Małgorzata Zajkowska, remarked, “when working on the design of our new office we put a lot of thought into which materials, colours and patterns we would use. A key part of the project was to showcase the wide spectrum of available systems that could be applied in an office space, which is a very challenging environment for the floor”.

The end result was an office where each room provides a new way to inspire and educate architects, interior designers, investors and contractors on resin flooring’s advantages, practicalities and properties.

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Piotr Kowalczyk

Piotr Kowalczyk is the Marketing Manager at Flowcrete Poland - a leading manufacturer of seamless resin floor solutions. In this role Piotr leads the Polish regional marketing efforts to engage with construction professionals and to provide them with insights and information on resin flooring.

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