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FoodTech 2016

  • Flowcrete Sweden takes Slip Resistant Flooring Solutions to FoodTech 2016
  • Flowcrete Sweden takes Slip Resistant Flooring Solutions to FoodTech

Discover Slip Resistant Flooring Solutions to FoodTech 2016

Slip and trip injuries are a significant problem in the food and beverage industry and it is critical that the employer carefully assesses the facility and takes all the necessary measures to prevent accidents from occurring.

This was an important topic last week at Northern Europe’s largest food industry event, FoodTech, which was held in Herning, Denmark, from November 1-3. During the event, Flowcrete Sweden informed attendees about the advantages of durable and hygienic resin flooring with built-in slip resistance

The products on display at Flowcrete Sweden’s stand included Flowcrete RT and Flowcrete SR, which are seamless and easy-to-clean flooring solutions that are ideal for highly demanding industrial environments.

Both of these floors can be tailored with different additives in order to create the optimum combination of qualities and characteristics, such as the degree of slip resistance, chemical resistance, durability, ease of cleaning and aesthetics.

Flowcrete RT and Flowcrete SR are especially suitable for the food and beverage industry and other industrial environments that expose the floor area to chemical attack and thermal shock on a regular basis.

When a business in the food and beverage industry is aiming to improve its slip resistance, a number of factors need to be considered when specifying the floor. For example slip and trip risks can vary considerably depending on the products produced, the by-products created, the amount of foot traffic, the weight of equipment and stored items, the type, frequency and intensity of the cleaning regime, the desired colour scheme and the likelihood of impacts – to name just a few.

Flowcrete’s aim at FoodTech was to display alternatives to traditional flooring solutions in order to show that the right choice of flooring system will reduce the risk of slip and falls while simultaneously illustrating how these flooring options address other issues of significance to the food and beverage industry.

If you’d like to learn more about flooring for the food and beverage sector that helps to ensure a safe, effective and regulatory compliant working area, or if you’re keen to continue a conversation started at FoodTech, then you can get in touch with Flowcrete Sweden’s expert team by clicking here.

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Ann von Wowern

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