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Quadrum Business City

  • Lithuania’s Largest Office Complex Installs Region’s First Polyurethane Car Park Deck Coating
  • Lithuania’s Largest Office Complex Installs Region’s First Polyurethane Car Park Deck Coating
  • Lithuania’s Largest Office Complex Installs Region’s First Polyurethane Car Park Deck Coating
  • Lithuania’s Largest Office Complex Installs Region’s First Polyurethane Car Park Deck Coating

Lithuania’s Largest Office Complex Installs Region’s First Polyurethane Car Park Deck Coating

The biggest office development in Lithuani installed 25,000mof state-of-the-art resin flooring  technology in its underground car park at Quadrum Business City.

The 70,000m2 Quadrum Business City is the largest complex of its type in Lithuania and includes over 40,000m2 of offices and commercial space.

The project’s investor, Schage, made sure that the building offers not only basic office and commercial services but that it also gives additional benefits to its users such as restaurants, a kindergarten, a dry cleaners, a squash hall, parking for 120 bicycles and sanitary facilities.

The complex has also been developed using modern, ecological heating and air conditioning technologies that will reduce energy consumption by approximately 30% compared to buildings of a similar size.

An A-Class Project

To ensure an A-class office building, Schage expected the highest quality materials and services from suppliers and contractors. To ensure that the site was built to their very high standards, the Schage Group prepared a detailed list of requirements prior to the site’s construction.

For the car park’s floor this meant installing a system that would withstand the high and low temperature of Lithuania’s climate as well as protect against spiked tires. Very good durability and chemical resistance were also critical due to the battery acid and fuels that it would be exposed to. An anti-slip finish was also put on the specification list to ensure that visitors would be safe even when the floor is wet.

Flowcrete accepted the challenge! Fulfilling the philosophy of a comprehensive and individual approach to the client’s needs, Flowcrete Poland, together with its Lithuanian partner UAB Svirplys, proposed six different flooring solutions based on Deckshield polyurethane coatings.

The chosen car park floor at Quadrum Business City represents the first of its kind in the Baltic region according to the Export Manager at Flowcrete Poland, Yan Sevin, who said: “Together with Schage we were able to break the monopoly of epoxy coatings for substrate protection in Lithuanian underground car park projects.

“Although we have epoxy coatings in our product portfolio as well, we were determined to show the architects and other investors that polyurethane is the most suitable solution for multi-storey, underground car park environments.”

The Specification

On the upper levels of the car park (P1 and P2) Deckshield ID was applied in two different versions. In the parking bays a 3mm system was applied with a blue topcoat and due to the high level of traffic that the site would face, the roadways were protected with a 5mm system, which included thicker quartz sand and Dynagrip aggregate.

In both cases Deckshield EM, a polyurethane elastic membrane, was applied to increase the crack bridging abilities of the floor and to enhance protection of the substrate from water ingress as well as avoid leaks between car park levels.

On the lowest level of the car park, the operators anticipated lighter traffic and so a thinner 1.5mm coating of Deckshield ID was applied with a blue topcoat in the parking bays and a 3mm coating was applied across the roadways.

To protect the ramp substrate, two different variants of Deckshield ID were used. On the interior and exterior ramps, a 9mm system with elastomeric membrane and Dynagrip aggregates was applied while on the external ramps an anti-UV layer of Deckshield Topcoat was also installed.

The Deckshield range has been designed specifically to provide car parks with durable and chemical resistant solutions that will maintain an effective finish for an extended period of time. Deckshield’s full polyurethane formulation means that it is highly effective at withstanding impacts, wear and traffic as well as the deflection within the slabs and decks of a car park that are caused by intense multiflow traffic. This reliability stems from the combination of a polyurethane topcoat with a polyurethane primer, which makes it less brittle than systems that use an epoxy primer.

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Piotr Kowalczyk

Piotr Kowalczyk is the Marketing Manager at Flowcrete Poland - a leading manufacturer of seamless resin floor solutions. In this role Piotr leads the Polish regional marketing efforts to engage with construction professionals and to provide them with insights and information on resin flooring.

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