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Flowcrete India Celebrates Successful FY16 and Looks Forward to FY17!

  • Flowcrete India Celebrates Successful FY16 and Looks Forward to FY17!
  • Flowcrete India Celebrates Successful FY16 and Looks Forward to FY17!2
  • Flowcrete India Celebrates Successful FY16 and Looks Forward to FY17!3
  • Flowcrete India Celebrates Successful FY16 and Looks Forward to FY17!4

Flowcrete India Celebrates Successful FY16 and Looks Forward to FY17!

After a successful FY16, Flowcrete India has stepped into the new financial year with a bang!

It has dedicated its achievement to its enthusiastic employees and to ensure continued success the management team recently organised its yearly sales meeting to jot down the plan and strategy for the present financial year and to celebrate its the preceding year’s accomplishment.

The meeting and product training for the sales team took place in Chennai and was followed by a relaxing holiday in God’s own country, Kerala.

Lately, Flowcrete India has introduced a new range of advanced polyurea coatings from Citadel Floor Finishing Systems. The sales staff received a technical training session on these products at Flowcrete India’s Chennai manufacturing plant, during which the technical department taught them about the technical and application aspects of the new polyurea coatings.

Day two of the sales team meeting was held at Hotel Hilton, Chennai. Throughout the day Flowcrete India’s sales professionals shared their knowledge on the current flooring and construction chemicals market in their respective regions. They also discussed ways that the top management could better support them to achieve their regional targets.

This conference was also instrumental in bringing together an interdisciplinary group of sales professionals from both Flowcrete and Euclid Chemical.

Overall the sales meeting was a very worthwhile endeavour, as not only did it help to communicate the targets and draw a regional road map but it also aided understanding of everyone’s needs and created a healthy bond between the flooring and construction chemical sales teams. This bond would enhance each side’s ability to support the other’s sales requirements, which in turn would support the organic growth of Euclid Chemical products in India, which Flowcrete has recently introduced to the nation’s market.

The meeting provided the opportunity for useful and insightful conversations with the management that would be key to the promoting Euclid Chemical. The conference featured keynote speeches from the Vice-President & Sales Director of Flowcrete India on various trending topics pertaining to the sales growth. The meeting also focused on the entry plan for Euclid Chemical products in the newer markets and promoting ideas that can be implemented to penetrate the huge construction chemical market In India.

After the meeting, the team flew down to Alleppey to have a short break from their targets and routine business, as the task at hand was simply to relax at the backwater location for two days.

This break was ideal for removing any stress, enhancing team spirit and helping everyone get to know each other, which is the ultimate goal of bringing people together on a holiday trip.

This small outing is a classic example of Flowcrete India’s management initiatives aimed at engaging and motivating its employees – which is then reciprocated with efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

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Sheeba Sakthivel

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