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Multi-storey Car Park Flooring Challenges

  • Multi-storey Car Park Flooring Challenges
  • Multi-storey Car Park Flooring Challenges2
  • Multi-storey Car Park Flooring Challenges3
  • Multi-storey Car Park Flooring Challenges4
  • Multi-storey Car Park Flooring Challenges5
  • Multi-storey Car Park Flooring Challenges6

Multi-storey Car Park Flooring Challenges

A recent car park project undertaken by Flowcrete Poland exemplified the challenges that floors on different car park levels face and how the floor coating has to be tailored to meet the demands of the area.

The eight storey, 809 bay car park at the Millennium Towers office complex in Wroclaw needed to ensure that each deck provided a safe and pleasant environment. However, movement from heavy vehicles, automotive oils and exposure to the elements on exterior decks could all quickly deteriorate the floor finish if not protected against.

Waterproofing in particular is a key concern for such developments, as should water penetrate to the underlying substrate it can seriously affect the structural integrity of the building. In fact, corrosion of the substrate can lead to water leaking between the levels, exacerbating the problem of water migration!

Decks exposed to the elements are particularly challenging, as not only do they have to be able to withstand all the same potentially destructive factors as the rest of the building, but they also need to be able to cope with the elements, including heavy rains, punishing UV sunlight and damaging frosts.

Millennium Towers utilised a variety of specialist resin flooring solutions from Flowcrete Poland to ensure that each part of its eight-storey parking facility would provide an effective, long lasting surface.

17,000m2 of the seamless polyurethane solution Deckshield ID was applied across the site, with dark grey used for the parking bays and mid grey chosen for the roadways. The building’s ramps required a coating of Deckshield ID HD to achieve the necessary durability, angle and aesthetic.

To ensure that moisture migrating from the building’s foundations didn’t ruin the finish on the car park’s lowest level, the damp proof membrane system Hydraseal was applied on the substrate.

The inclusion of quartz sand into the Deckshield formulation created a slip resistant finish across the site to improve safety levels for the car park’s users.

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Piotr Kowalczyk

Piotr Kowalczyk is the Marketing Manager at Flowcrete Poland - a leading manufacturer of seamless resin floor solutions. In this role Piotr leads the Polish regional marketing efforts to engage with construction professionals and to provide them with insights and information on resin flooring.

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