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A Lesson on Preschool Classroom Flooring

  • A Lesson on Preschool Classroom Flooring
  • A Lesson on Preschool Classroom Flooring2
  • A Lesson on Preschool Classroom Flooring3
  • A Lesson on Preschool Classroom Flooring4

A Lesson on Preschool Classroom Flooring

Nursery schools play a vital role in a child’s development and it is the responsibility of the school to make their learning experience memorable and cherishable.

To meet these goals the utmost care has to be taken when choosing the floor, as it needs to be safe and durable while also helping to create an engaging and pleasant learning environment.

The best floors for early childhood and pre-school facilities should be soft enough for growing babies and toddlers while also being easy to clean, able to maintain excellent hygiene and health levels onsite and be tough enough to withstand the tables, toys, playing and cleaning.


Cleanliness is crucial! As kids love to spend lots of time on the floor, staying there to play, socialise, learn from each other and rest. One of the most important steps in reducing the spread of infectious diseases between children and childcare providers is the cleaning and sanitising of the school’s surfaces.

The cleaning and maintenance routine needs to be considered while choosing the flooring system – especially as the traditional cleaning and maintenance solutions may actually be causing more harm than good! Some commercially available cleaning products contain ingredients that can lead to serious health conditions after continuous exposure, such as allergic reactions, respiratory problems and even disruptions to the hormone system.

Therefore it is important to know that the cleaning regime is safe and that the floor will be able to withstand the hot water and chosen chemicals. Seamless and impervious surfaces are also much easy to clean, as they eliminate the risk of contaminants getting stuck in cracks or gaps.


Preschools involve kids undertaking lots of physical activities such as dance and sport, which are essential for the growth and development of the child. The slip resistance and sturdiness of the floor is essential to allow these activities to be undertaken safely without damaging the floor finish.

Resin Flooring Solutions

Flowcrete offers a variety of seamless flooring solutions which satisfies the above requirements for preschool flooring. One of the central ways that Flowcrete’s systems achieve this is by inhibiting the growth of harmful micro-organisms, which are the main culprit of infectious diseases among children. This property also minimises contamination from dust, helping to maintain the indoor air quality, which in turn prevents allergic reactions.

The anti-slip texture of many Flowcrete floors allows pre-schoolers the freedom to participate in a variety of activities without worrying about painful falls while also providing a comfortable seating platform for the budding minds.

Solutions are available that have been tailored to the different areas of a preschool, as various parts of the building will encounter different challenges. For example an office space needs to facilitate administrative activity, the gross motor room must be set up for indoor play, any kitchen or food preparation areas need to meet food hygiene standards, classrooms and outdoor play areas have to be safe and engaging, washrooms must be easy to clean and reception areas need to deal with high levels of foot traffic.

Several of Flowcrete’s key flooring systems for the education sector and the recommended areas for them in a school include:

  • Mondéco Crystal: A highly decorative solution that can be installed in bespoke patterns and bright colours, ideal for heavily trafficked areas that need to impress such as the reception area.
  • Peran Comfort: A matt polyurethane resin finish that will maintain a colourful, easy to clean surface in classrooms, halls and corridors.
  • Flowfresh MF & Flowfresh RT: Antimicrobial enhanced, exceptionally robust systems that are ideal for kitchens and back of house areas.
  • Flowshield SL: This flooring material has been formulated to survive industrial facilities and so will easily retain a seamless, functional finish for an extended period of time within even the most challenging areas of a school.
  • Euclid’s Increte System: This stamped concrete system can create a wide variety of different decorative effects for outdoor spaces that offer superior durability combined with lower maintenance requirements than conventional materials.
  • Isocrete K Screed: This screed solution creates a robust layer between the substrate and finish that bonds the two components together and supports the coating across a preschool building
  • Isowarm: An underfloor heating system that is up to 30% more efficient than traditional heating methods.

Specification Process

In conclusion the right choice of preschool flooring should safeguard the floor from stains, be slip resistant for safety and comfortable underfoot, easy to maintain, highly durable, provide exceptional stain and wear resistance, limit noise transfer, withstand forceful impacts and control maintenance costs.

Discussing the aesthetic and functional needs of the school with an experienced supplier and applicator will help to identify floors that will provide a secure and stimulating environment for children, so that they can explore the world surrounded by playful colours and beautiful, properly textured floor finishes.

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      Hi Veronica,

      Apologies for the delay in getting back to you.

      We sure do, you can find the contact details of our Mexico office below.

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