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Flowcrete UK’s New Solutions to Solve Flooring Stress


Flowcrete UK’s New Solutions to Solve Flooring Stress

The resin flooring experts at Flowcrete UK have unveiled several flooring solutions designed to create high performance, easy to install floors despite challenging installation conditions. The new systems are Flowfresh HF LT, Flowflex Joint Sealant, Isocrete Screedfast Flex and Aqualock One Coat.

The latest additions to Flowcrete UK’s comprehensive flooring collection have been formulated to overcome commonplace but difficult problems that contractors frequently have to deal with, such as low ambient temperatures, water marking, slow curing speeds and damp substrates – all of which can make a flooring project difficult or can lead to an early floor failure.

Flowfresh HF LT

This polyurethane system has an increased fluidity at lower temperatures, which makes it easier to spread and finish on construction sites that fall below 15°C. To further improve the application process, it is produced without pine oil so that there is only a low odour during the floor’s installation. Additionally, Flowfresh HF LT has a highly effective resistance to water marking to help ensure a high quality finish.

Flowfresh HF LT is ideal for creating a robust, seamless and highly effective floor in locations where the temperature has fallen below the optimum range for resin floors to cure. This is especially useful in cold rooms or large industrial sites where the cost and effort of bringing the whole area up to a higher ambient temperature is often prohibitive.

This is the latest system in the antimicrobial enhanced Flowfresh range, which is currently in the running for two industry awards (click here to find out more and to cast your vote)!

Flowflex Joint Sealant

The one-part, non-sagging Flowflex Joint Sealant provides contractors with a hybrid-polymer based elastic sealant that maintains a high mechanical strength and permanent elasticity. This fast curing system is ideal for floor joints in both indoor and outdoor applications such as pedestrian walkways, warehouses and parking areas. Its excellent resistance to weathering, aging and UV exposure means that it won’t deteriorate when faced with the practicalities of everyday use.

Isocrete Screedfast Flex

 An innovation in screed technology, the polymer modified cement, Isocrete Screedfast Flex, provides contractors with a screed that has a significantly reduced curing time. This system has been specially formulated to deliver a high strength, very rapidly drying screed and at 20°C this Category A screed is able to dry to 75% relative humidity (RH) in only 24 hours.

Aqualock OneCoat

As rising moisture is one of the most common causes of resin floor failures, the solvent and water free, epoxy resin damp proof membrane Aqualock OneCoat allows for the immediate installation of moisture sensitive floor finishes onto damp concrete and cementitious screeds with a moisture content of up to 97%. Not only does this system protect against damage from moisture vapour but it can also be combined with underfloor heating to create an energy efficient floor build-up.

To find out more about these products or to download the relevant technical information head to

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Dan Ash

Daniel Ash is the PR & Media Manager at the global resin flooring manufacturer Flowcrete Group Ltd. Dan's role includes creating press releases, blogs, white papers and case studies on Flowcrete products and projects as well as educational content for construction industry professionals.

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