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Soaring in Sugarland, TX with Fogle Aviation

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Soaring in Sugarland, TX with Fogle Aviation

The owner of a private aircraft hangar in Sugarland, Texas, that houses a collection of vintage cars and private planes, chose to install a Flowcoat HTS floor in the facility after being impressed by how the same system had fared in his nearby manufacturing plant.

Entrepreneur Buddy Fogle worked with architect Edward Associates and Thomas Craig Construction to create the hangar, which consists of almost 15,500 sq ft of non-residential construction space and a 2,300 sq ft mezzanine.

Flowcrete’s high-traffic polymer floor coating, Flowcoat HTS, was specified for installation across the hangar at a thickness of 35 – 40 mils, in a range of custom shades handpicked from Fogle’s own brand palette.

Buddy Fogle knew that this system was ideally suited to the impacts, wear, chemicals and use that the hangar would inflict on the floor, as he had already seen it withstand the industrial challenges within his manufacturing site.

The installation team, led by John Guidry of DLS Floors, applied the Flowcoat HTS in a striking Canada grey colour, with blue walkways and a complimentary battleship grey trim.

The floor installation also features the Fogle Aviation logo inside the hangar’s entrance. This was accomplished using a custom decal stencil that allowed the installation team to paint within the stencil using Flowseal HTS – the pigmented topcoat used within the standard system.

John Guidry told us that “the client was extremely happy with the performance of the floor we installed at his oil and gas machinery plant a couple of years back, particularly how it has stood up to heavy traffic and the rigours associated with manufacturing operations.”

The STAR applicator added, “when it came to fitting out the interior of his private hangar in Sugarland, the client was looking for a robust and chemical resistant system and felt confident that the same material would be the perfect fit.”

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Rebekah Jones

Rebekah Jones is the Marketing Communications Director at Flowcrete Group Ltd. In this role Rebekah sets out the global communications strategy for a Group that encompasses several of the world's leading construction chemical brands.

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