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Mega–casino Galaxy Macau is Dealt a Full Deckshield Floor

  • Mega–casino Galaxy Macau is Dealt a Full Deckshield Floor
  • Mega–casino Galaxy Macau is Dealt a Full Deckshield Floor2
  • Mega–casino Galaxy Macau is Dealt a Full Deckshield Floor3
  • Mega–casino Galaxy Macau is Dealt a Full Deckshield Floor4

Mega–casino Galaxy Macau is Dealt a Full Deckshield Floor

When the Galaxy Macau resort undertook its HK16 billion Phase II development plan, having an enhanced car parking facility was a key part of the upgrade to ensure that visitors would drive into a clean, quiet and visually appealing environment.

Thanks to the success of Flowcrete Hong Kong’s work supplying floors for Phase 1 of the Galaxy Macau project, the casino’s operators once again turned to the resin-flooring manufacturer to provide a high-performance, reliable and long lasting surface for its upgraded car parking structure.

Over 50,000m2 of high performance flooring materials was required to create the desired finish. The main floor area was coated over a nine-month period using 20,000m2 of the flexible, polyurethane deck coating system Deckshield ID as well as 14,500m2 of Deckshield LBD, which has been designed to act as a barrier to protect against moisture rising from the substrate.

Galaxy Macau chose a sleek, modern grey colour for the floor finish, which not only created a contemporary aesthetic but it would also provide an effective backdrop for the bright yellow signage and demarcation.

Underneath the finish, 10,000m2 of both Isocrete K-Screed and the damp proof membrane system Isocrete M-Bond Extra was applied to ensure that the floor build up was robust and that the finish would be protected from moisture rising out of the substrate.

2,300m2 of Deckshield IDSD High Grade was used on the multi-storey facilities ramp while 10,000m2 of Flowcoat SF41 3mm Composite was applied in the loading bay and back of house areas.

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